Camps Setup: Welcome

Welcome to the Camps Set-up Website!

We are excited to introduce our new camp set up website. Below you will find detailed instructions outlining the set up process. In order to improve our efficiency and accuracy we have created camp set up packets for you to complete. Please follow the instructions to get started.

Step 1 You only need to complete ONE of the packets below.

Click Here - If your 2007 brochure is ready.

Click Here - If your 2007 brochure is not ready*
*You will need to provide us with your complete camp information.

Step 2 Please return the completed packet and ALL other necessary set up materials
(confirmation materials, waivers, etc via email to

We cannot begin until ALL of your camp materials have been submitted.

Step 3 When we have received ALL of your completed materials,
you will receive an email from us with an approximate target completion date.
Step 4 We will email you a link of your new listing to review.

  • If there are necessary edits or additions, you can reply via email with the needed changes.
  • If the set up appears correct, provide us with your approval and we will open registration.
Step 5 Set up the new online registration link on your website and start taking registrations.