ACM Athletics: Welcome

Monday, October 3
Fall season is here!

The fall season is halfway over and we are one game away from clinching a playoff spot.  Eight games in and we are 5-3.  We have gotten better as a team and continue to upgrade the roster.  Thursday night displayed the product of impatient hitting and bad decision making.  Swinging at crap and errors have cost us games we should have won, this game included.  Putting up 16 points will usually be enough to win a game, as long as we play solid defense.  There have been a couple changes with defensive positioning and I believe this strengthens our defense tremendously.  I will have to continue moving people around to build around our strengths and hide weaknesses.


I want to be a competitive team in the playoffs, so I need some of you to correct the mistakes that are made every game.  Seek advice from teammates and listen to what they have to say.  We don't need teammates who aren't willing to make changes to better themselves and the team.  A couple of you have been working diligently to get better, but I need better overall production from the entire team.


As this season continues, I get a good feeling about us leading the division and making the playoffs.  My goal for this team is to make the playoffs and ruffle some feathers.  I want to see ongoing development from each player, to prepare us for the next level.  I believe we are almost ready to take our team to the next level, but we need to maintain consistency and reduce errors.  Good luck Athletics!