Mariners: Welcome

Friday, March 30
Nantucket Little League Mariners - Practice Update 3/30/2007

Nantucket Little League, Minor League Mariners.

Practice Sunday April 1 - 1PM at the Delta Fields

Practice Monday April 2 - 3PM at Delta Field #2 (Upper)

Practice Thursday April 5 - 3PM at Tom Nevers Baseball Field

Friday, April 14
Equipment/Clothes for practices

The Followiing Items should be brought to every practice:
1. Mitt!!! Yes a baseball mitt.
2. Baseball Hat (no Red Sox hats-you will bat last, if at all, at batting practice).
3. Sweatshirt (Anyone wearing an Ortiz shirt has to use the 33", 25 oz. bat).
4. Longpants or sweatpants. Do not wear shorts to practice. Slding practice will not be fun.
5. Sneakers or Cleats --- No Slip-on style shoes.

Recomended Items:
1. Baseball Cleats. Yes they do make a difference (see site Links to equipment suppliers)
2. Warm Clothing. A jacket, gloves and warm hat. Practices can be very cold until Mid-May (or early August) on Nantucket.
3. Water.
4. If you have a favorite bat bring it to practice. As Coach I might recommend a different bat as we get started this Season.
5. As the Sun gets stronger please provide Sun Block for your child. 2 hours in the sun can cause quite a sunburn.
6. Sunglasses. Our fields face into the sun for outfielders, especially RF and CF. They will help.

Saturday, April 8
Practice Attendance Requirements:

Players are expected to attend all practices. Other sports or extracurricular activities are not excuses for missing Baseball Practice. Attendance and timeliness will impact playing time.

Saturday, April 8

Additional practices are likely to be scheduled as weather and field space allows. I will try to give as much notice as I can for the added practices.