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Friday, December 21
Mike Toshack, GK Coach Portland Timbers, MLS
Tosh Endorsement

Wednesday, June 6
Jose Moreira, Professional Goalkeeper

From: Jose Moreira   /   Sent: June-06-12 1:44AM   /   To: Coach Carter

My friend!!

I want to say you THANKS for your amazing help in this 5 days!  Without you the General Clinic didn't have all the success they had!  You work so hard, you bring your OWN material, you travel a lot, and always with a smile and energy, etc!  Be a gk coach is not easy and we must have passion and love!

I want to say thanks as well for your amazing help today in the private sessions! Without you I don't know how I can do a so good session on the 4th group!  I improvised and change all the things because it was the 2nd private session for Merkel and he can't repeat sessions and we had 6 gk, different ages, different sexes, and different levels!  I do my reflection of the private sessions and WE do a very good sessions and we fight against all the things!  Bad field, bad goal, 6 gk, etc (in my opinion private sessions only work good with minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 gk)!  But the feedback from the gk’s are good :)

I want say you are a Very Good Gk Coach, you have a Fantastic Organization and you love what you do with the kids (one kid can be a good or bad gk but all of them have the right to enjoy and learn with the session)!  I want to wish you all the best in your academy and your life and I'm here to help you whenever you need, advices, exercises, tips, motivation, etc!  You have my email, my phone number and my facebook!  I hope see you next year in Niagara, Milton, Mississauga, or another place in Canada or USA :)  I love training kids and I want to keep going, grow and improve!

Best Regards amigo!!!
We keep in touch!!!

Thanks again!!

Jose Moreira

Saturday, September 29
A word from one of our Parent's and a 'Reminder' WHY...

This morning I opened an email that reminded me why I wanted to be a Phys Ed Teacher growing up, why I started Coaching, why I started my own Goalkeeper Program, and why I accepted the GK Coaching position with Brock University...to make a difference in the lives of our future generations! Thank you Julie for the kind words and reminding me why...

From: Julie Merkel   /   Sent: September-29-12 7:24 AM   /   To: Coach Carter

Daniel cannot come to training this fall, but Daniel and the rest of us will miss you guys.  Daniel is playing for the Toronto Lynx where he will actually get goalkeeper training for the first time with a club / academy.  It has always been just you guys for years.  Daniel is doing great both physically and in school, and we are hoping that training times throughout the winter will allow us to stop by and see you guys.  I hope the players realize how lucky they are to have you guys in their corner, because you guys are the best I have ever seen.  You guys don't only make better keepers, but better individuals.  They become more confident, self disciplined and supportive of others.  Can't ask for more.


Sunday, January 13
CNWT Goalkeeper Clinic Feedback

Have you ever asked yourself WHY you do the things that you DO???

Well this is why soccer has been a part of my life for the past 34 years, this is why I started AC GOALKEEPING, and this is why I coach our youth (today’s dreamers, tomorrows achievers, and our future leaders . . . Each and every one of you are SUPERSTARS . . . “THANK YOU” for your support and vote of confidence!!!

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Gina Rossi  /  To: Coach Carter  /  Subject: Re: CNWT GK Clinic - Sun. Jan. 13
Hi Adam
I want to say thank you for yesterday. It was amazing and you should be very proud of yourself for organizing such a wonderful session. Alana was in awe meeting Justine. What a morning. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts. Again, thank you!!!!!!

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Nathanael Hotson  /  To: Coach Carter  /  Subject: RE: CNWT GK Clinic - Sun. Jan. 13
What a great clinic. Ben had a fantastic time and said, “They’ll never get ball by me now dad!” Thank you for holding it and keep up the great work.
Nathanael Hotson

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Chad Alderson  / 
To: Coach Carter  /  Subject: Re: CNWT GK Clinic - Sun. Jan. 13
Hello Coach Carter,
Fantastic camp. Thanks for hosting it.
Regards, Chad Alderson

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Anthony vanEngelen  /  To: Adam Carter  /  Subject: Re: CNWT GK Clinic - Sun. Jan. 13
FYI Abram did enjoy the session this a.m., glad you had a great turnout.

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The Dickey's  /  To: Coach Carter  /  Subject: RE: CNWT GK Clinic - Sun. Jan. 13
Hi Adam,
Thank you for providing this amazing opportunity for the kids
Kelly Dickey

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Janet Murdaca  / To: Coach Carter  /  Subject: RE: CNWT GK Clinic - Sun. Jan. 13
Hi Adam,
Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful soccer clinic on Sunday!  I think Nicholas has learned more from you, over the last few months, then combined with all the last 2 years playing :)  He always sleeps well the night of your classes!

See you Sunday, Janet & Nicholas