: Product Reviews (By Coach Carter)

BOOK: The 12 Hidden Laws of Performance (CLICK for Link)
12 Laws
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"Who inspires you in sport? And, here’s another thought for you, who do you inspire in sport? We all have the capacity to be inspired and be inspirational.  The people in sport who inspire you may have successfully achieved an ambition that you share but your achievements may also be a source of inspiration for others who dream of achieving what you have already achieved - it's all relative!"

 "Much more important than any technical training manual" / Coach Carter
Training the four domains in any sport is imperative to achieve success!  Arguable one of the toughest mental positions in the game, the Goalkeeper's performance is inversely proportional to their mental wellbeing.  MacNaughton delves into some of the deepest aspects of psychological training, making you think about past performances, and driving you to plan future goals.  An invaluable tool for every Keeper at every level and every person who desires to be successful in life.  A quick read, but I guarantee you will pick it up again and again!  Released in 2011 (139 Pages).

BOOK: The Soccer Goalkeeper Coach (CLICK for Link)
The Soccer GK Coach

The role of the Goalkeeper COACH within the coaching staff is comprehensively brought to light.  Goalkeeper COACHES can take advantage of the practical information and the extensive training material collected in this book.

 "Much more than just another Training Manual" / Coach Carter
Like any good resource manual, this book provides several excellent training exercises for you to work with your Keepers.  However, it is a reference manual for serious Goalkeeper COACHES.  Maarten Arts help the GK Coach to better understand the Keepers role as an individual and team member, expands on the GK Coaches role as a full-fledged member of the coaching staff, reviews the responsibilities of the modern day GK Coach and outlines the importance of scouting, planning and evaluating.  A great resource for GK Coaches and Head Coaches.  Released in 2004 (221 Pages).

DVD: Keeper (CLICK for Link)

Image of Keeper! DVD is not availbleThe two DVD set is designed especially for team coaches and goalkeepers. The practices are demonstrated by a beginner, an intermediate and an advanced goalkeeper, and show the 10 Key Principles of Goalkeeping. Frequent use of world-class professional players gives a clear and exciting dimension to the videos, and two high caliber U18 teams bring the team practices alive. This highly recommended series will help coaches to coach goalkeepers and goalkeepers to coach themselves.  Released September 1, 2004 (172 mins).

"SOLID Foundation Builder" / Coach Carter
Coach Waiters always provides easy to understand, easy to follow and easy to set up exercises for your training sessions. His DVD's will help build a solid foundation for your younger keepers, and help to refine your older keepers techniques. Well worth the time and money, I have watched them a dozen or more times, and loaned them to many of my keepers to watch.

DVD: Goalkeeping - The DiCicco Method (CLICK for Link)

Image of Goalkeeping: The DiCicco Method is not availbleThis three DVD series is jam-packed with the most comprehensive drills and expert training tips you can get. Designed for all levels, beginner to advanced, it's like training in person. Released in 1995.  DVD 1: Introduction To Goalkeeping / DVD 2: Goalkeeper Training and Coaches / DVD 3: The Goalkeeper as a Team Player (55 mins each).

"A Solid, Progressive Developmental System" / Coach Carter
Coach DiCicco has provided Team Coaches, Academy Directors, Goalkeeper Coaches, Technical Directors, and most importantly KEEPERS with a series of DVD's that will allow you to plan a 5 day camp, a 12 week academy program, a pre-season boot camp, or a season long development program for your keeepers. The 3 disc series is progressive and easy to follow, exercises do not require a tonne of equipment. Well worth the investment of time and money. I use them on a weekly basis to design exercises that will push my keepers to the next level.

DVD: Coerver Coaching - Goalkeeping Essentials (CLICK for Link)

Image of Coerver Coaching's Goalkeeping Essentials DVD is not availbleCoerver introduces its Pyramid of Goalkeeping method, which consists of five building blocks to a better game. Includes basic technique including handling, footwork, mobility, positioning, shot stopping, crosses, distribution and game play. Great for training and playing. You will also receive a password to access Coerver's online library of resources for no added charge.

"Okay Introductory Video" / Coach Carter
Coerver's "Pyramid of Goalkeeping" provides a structured approach to progressive goalkeeper development. Technical drills are basic with minimal equipment needed, but there is little to no functional training exercises provided throughout the video. This instructional video is okay for new goalkeepers just starting out and coaches who know nothing about goalkeeping. However, while a verbal breakdown of the components to each technical skill are provided by the narrator throughout the video, numerous amounts of footage actually display the technique being performed incorrectly by the goalkeepers.

DVD: Keeping Secrets (CLCIK for Link)
Keeping Secrets

Jeff Duback, former Collegiate Goalkeeper of The Year, former U.S. Olympic Team Goalkeeper and former U.S. National Team Goalkeeper shares his secrets on training and techniques in 'Keeping Secrets', a practical easy to follow video clinic that will make average keepers good, and good keepers great.  For the beginner interested in skill development, for the serious player seeking to take his or her place in the elite circles of the keepers club, or the coach who wants to teach the keepers right, Keeping secrets is a must.  Released in 2004 (60 mins).

3.500000 of 5.0 "A Good Foundation Starter" Coach Carter
Jeff Duback is clearly an accomplished goalkeeper.  Demonstrations are clear, well performed, and technically sound.  Key coaching points are clear.  A good starter video for new keepers and newer coaches.

BOOK: So Now You Are a Goalkeeper
So Now You Are A Goalkeeper

4.000000 of 5.0 "A Great Techincal Training Manual" / Coach Carter

From goalkeeping legends Joe Machnik (No.1 Soccer Camps) and Frans Hoek.  While it may appear dated, having originally been released in 1985, this book is now in it's 3rd edition, and Machink and Hoek, often considered the forefathers of the Goalkeeper Coaching industry, having started in the late 70's and early 80's.  They remain on top of the Goalkeeping Coaching industry, (148 pages).

DVD: Dutch Goalkeeping Drills - Conditioning (CLICK for Link)

Image of Dutch Goalkeeping Drills-Tape One-Conditioning DVD is not availbleThis DVD shows more than 200 conditioning drills organized under eight headings. Maarten Arts (Goalkeeper Coach, FC Utrecht) produced the program with help from a number of amateur goalkeepers and three top International Goalkeepers. Because many of the drills are carried out alone or with a partner, goalkeepers can work on their own both on the practice ground and at home.  Released September 1, 2003 (90 mins).

"Video #2 in this series is EXCELLENT!" / Coach Carter
I haven’t had the pleasure of viewing Video #1 "Conditioning", but Video #2 in the series, titled "Advanced Skills" is excellent! A wide variety of easy to set up training sessions are provided, with several variations and progressions shown. Training sessions involving 2 - 4 Keepers and sessions involving just Keeper and GK Coach are demonstrated. The emphasis on bilateral training and the need to develop your Keeper’s non-dominant side is excellent, no wonder Dutch Goalkeepers are so sot after. Maarten Arts does an exceptional job showing the level of professionalism and accuracy in execution that is needed by a Goalkeeper Coach in order to provide elite calibre training sessions to your top Keepers. For the serious GK Coach, I’d also recommend you read his book “The Soccer Goalkeeper Coach”.