: Injury Prevention & Care

The purpose of this section is to provide keepers, coaches and parents with quick links to valuable information on the prevention and care of sports injuries.  It's our vision to provide a fun, SAFE, and challenging learning environment for our Keepers to achieve their goals.  Coach Carter's formal education and training is in sports injury prevention and care;
  • Bachelor of Physical Education Degree, Brock University
  • 5 years schooling & working in the field of sports injury prevention & care,
  • Attended Sheridan Collage's Sports Injury Management Program – 2nd year direct entry student,
  • Athletic Therapy Certification Candidate with the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association 3 years,
  • Has worked with, trained, treated, rehabbed and educated athletes from the house league to professional levels in varying sports disciplines; Soccer, Hockey, Football, Rugby, Wrestling, Volleyball, Marathon Runners, Cyclists, most notably;
    • Brock U Men’s & Women’s Varsity Soccer Teams for 3 seasons
    • Brock U Men’s Varsity Hockey Team for 2 seasons,
    • Hamilton Tiger Cats spring training camp for 2 seasons,
  • First Aid Certified since 14 years of age, 17 years volunteer service with St. John Ambulance, and 15 years as a Emergency Medical Responder Instructor,
  • Sports Injury Prevention and Care / Athletic Taping Program Certified (SIPAC).

 Safe Keeping...Coaching Carter

"From our greatest challenges we learn our greatest strengths, and from our greatest victories we learn out greatest weaknesses"

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