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Church Softball Association 2017!


The next meeting for the 2017 Season is March 20th.

The meeting will start at 7:00pm

Location:  Mountainside Church of Christ

The church is located on the corner of Chelwood and Indian School.

You will need to bring the following to the meeting:

- Completed Church Association contact form with softball order
- Completed USSSA Team sanction form
- Check for league fee made out to City of Albuquerque ($990 men / $792 Women)
- Check for league tournament fee made out to CSC (Christian Student Center) ($100 or $175), men only
- Check for softball order made out to Tom Shoemaker
- Check for USSSA Team Sanction fee made out to TIC/ABQ NM USSSA

Remember, Tom is hoping that Toni Ramsey will be present at this meeting so that it will count as the required coaches meeting. So, it is imperative that you have a representative from your team attend the meeting. If your team is not represented at the meeting, you will be required to attend another coaches meeting through the city before you will be allowed to play.   




Scheduling Conflicts/Rescheduling

All scheduling conflicts or rescheduling requests must be submitted to the city at the number listed below.

Tom nor Tony have the authority to reschedule any games!

Important dates: Subject to finalization from City

    01/23/2017 - Kickoff meeting
    02/20/2017 - Next softball meeting (Finalization of schedule)
    03/20/2017 - All fees due (Early bird entry fee for church tournament, $175)
    04/10/2017 - Mandatory Coaches meeting / Rosters due (7pm at Mountainside Church)
                       - Late entry fee for church tournament ($100)
    04/23/2017 - Co-Ed season starts
    04/17/2017 - Men's season starts
    06/09/2017 - League
benefit tournament (Los Altos)
    06/10/2017 - League benefit tournament (Los Altos)
- Championship Night    

Rule changes for this year:

   - Chalk box around pitcher.  If ball is hit in box, you are out.  This rule is solely based on the judgement of the umpire

   - Pitching screens....  Still undecided

   -  No courtesy foul ball (Two strikes and you're OUT)

Min Arc: 6 feet
Max Arc: 10 feet

See My Site News for the proposed schedules and divisional breakdowns!

See the HANDOUTS section to download all of the association handouts

City Scheduling Coordinator: ?????

Church Association Coordinator: Tom Shoemaker
    Home: (505)275-0601
    Work: (505)254-4356
    email: tvshoe54@msn.com

Web Master: Tony Perlinski
    Home: (505)286-5633
    Work: (505)844-6087
    email: tony.perlinski@q.com