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Arapahoe High School
2201 East Dry Creek Road
Centennial, Colorado

:JV Tournament

Warrior Invitational 2012

Junior Varsity

Tournament Bracket by Time and Sites

First Round

Date                     Visitor                           Home                                Site                    Time

5/2/12                   Arapahoe JV                   Heritage (9/10)                  AHS (S)               5:00pm

5/2/12                   Cherry Creek (9/10)       Denver East                        AHS (N)               3:30pm

5/2/12                   Arapahoe (9/10)            Arvada West                       AHS (N)               5:30pm

5/2/12                   Grandview (9/10)           Cherry Creek JV                  Grandview (S)    5:00pm

5/2/12                   Grandview JV                 Dakota Ridge                      Grandview (N)    5:00pm

5/2/12                   Fairview                         Heritage JV                         Heritage             5:00pm

Consolation Bracket

5/3/12                   Fairview (1)                  *Grandview F/S (0)          Grandview        5:00pm

5/3/12                   East (2)                         *AHS F/S (0)                     AHS (S)            3:30pm

5/3/12                   Cherry Creek F/S (3)  *Dakota Ridge (0)            Heritage            3:30pm

5/3/12                   Arvada West (3)           *Heritage F/S (0)              Heritage            5:30pm


Semi-final Bracket

5/3/12                   Cherry Creek JV (1)    *Grandview JV (0)           AHS (N)            5:00pm

5/3/12                   *Arapahoe JV (3)        Heritage JV (0)                 AHS (S)            5:00pm


Consolation Bracket

5/4/12                   Arvada West                *Denver East                    Grandview (S) 5:00pm

5/4/12                   Cherry Creek F/S        *Fairview                           Heritage            5:30pm

5/4/12                   AHS F/S                       Dakota Ridge                   AHS (S)            3:30pm

5/4/12                   Grandview F/S            Heritage F/S                     Heritage            3:30pm


Third Place Game

5/4/12                   Grandview JV              *Heritage JV                     AHS (N)            5:00pm


Championship Game

5/4/12                   *AHS JV                       Cherry Creek JV              AHS (S)            5:00pm



* Designates Home Team





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