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Spring Soccer
What to expect if selected to play on a Spring Team

Time Commitment:

Indoor sessions – many coaches opt to take the team to a local indoor facility for a 6 – 7 week session. These sessions can start early January, February or March. This is to get the team used to working together and to develop plays/strategies early on. This carries a separate fee, usually around $50.00 per player, per session. This is optional for each player, but can be a great learning experience and is strongly recommended if your coach schedules these sessions. Medical coverage for indoor sessions is not held by AYS, so players would need to be covered by their family’s medical coverage policy.

Practices can be 2 – 3 times a week beginning in March or when the weather permits, dates/times set by each coach.

Games: one game per weekend (plus make-ups if needed) for 8 weeks beginning in April, ending in early June. Tentatively GU10 – 14 & BU14 play on Saturday. BU10-12 and all U16+ play on Sunday.


Attendance at games/practices is a must. If you cannot attend either, please let the coach know as soon as possible. (Note: Spring is played to win. Coaches will play their best players and to become the best – attend the practices). Players with consistently poor attendance will play at the coaches’ discretion.


Registration fees are set by the South Shore League (SSSL) and are due by mid-December. Fees vary according to age, level of play, and number of players. These fees are usually $30 - $75 per player. Fees do not include the indoor sessions, uniforms/socks.


All Abington players will need to have a uniform. Uniforms/socks must be ordered through our supplier. These are sold to you at our cost. Socks usually run about $3.00 per pair and shirt/shorts together around $25.00.

Cleats – non-metal soccer cleats are required for all players

Shin guards – hard shin guards are required for all players

No earrings, jewelry, bobby pins, metal hair clips hard plastic ponytail holders are allowed.

Referees will check each player prior to the start of the game.


Yes, this is a traveling team. Abington players will travel to other towns in the SSSL area for games and vice versa. Before the first outdoor game each player will be provided a book or details on a SSSL website link for their age group. This will outline game schedules as well as maps/directions to the fields in the other towns.


Games and practice are held in the rain, depending on field conditions. You will be called in the event of a cancellation. No call means the game / practice is still on.

Zero Tolerance Policy

A Zero Tolerance Policy has been adopted by the SSSL in which it states that the referee controls the game. No foul or abusive language will be tolerated. If necessary, the referee has the right to ask the coach to advise the fans to leave the field or forfeit the game. Cheering should be limited to positive reinforcement only and should not be excessively loud. Avoid calling instructions to the players, it may confuse them; cause them to hesitate and often conflicts with the instructions of the coach.

Spectators must remain on the opposite sideline from the coaches and teams.

If you disagree with the referee’s call(s) you may approach the coach only after the game. The referee will not tolerate criticism on the field.

Advantages of becoming part of a team

Besides being a lot of fun, Abington Spring Soccer provides the player a great opportunity, not otherwise found, to develop more advanced soccer skills and to learn to be part of a team. It features our best, most highly qualified and motivated coaches who take precious time from their own families and donate it to the program.

More is expected from our Spring players, parents and coaches than from Fall, but as in all endeavors, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

Miscellaneous Details

If you are selected to play on a team you will get a call mid November/early December from the coach.

You will be asked at that time to provide (by the date supplied by the coach)

1x1 color photo (no black and white copies will be allowed) with your name on the back.
Registration Fee
Uniform Order

Checks should be made payable to Abington Youth Soccer. You will need one check for Registration, one check for Uniform.