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Wednesday, November 27
Suburban One All League

Congratulations to these Galloping Ghosts on their Suburban One All League Achievements!

First Team Offense

Craig Reynolds, RB

Khari Jefferson, WR

Jake Clark, OL

First Team Defense

Jake Clark, DL

Secon Team Offense

Jordan Neely, WR

Second Team Defense

Paul Goerlich, DE

Christian Werner, LB

Daron Boone, LB

Sean Tolbert, DB

Jordan Neely, DB

Third Team Offense

Andrew Sykes, OL

Terrell Tolbert, OL

Honorable Mention Offense

David Kretschman, QB

Paul Goerlich, TE

Colin Maxey, OL

Sean Seidenburg, K

Honorable Mention Defense

Nick Fitzpatrick, DL

Wednesday, August 22
Anna's Football Photos

Our resident team photographer, Anna Fitzpatrick, will post a handful of completely random photos from the most recent game.   They're called Tuesday Teasers.  Click on the link below and enjoy the photos!! 


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