Abington Flag Football: Welcome


It is finally time for some playoff football! The final standings have been posted and below you will find the bracket for Sunday's single elimination playoff tournament.


The bracket for the playoffs on July 27th will be as follows:


Division C: Packers vs. Chargers, Ravens vs. Jets, Broncos vs. Panthers, Lions vs. Steelers


Division B (top 2 teams will get bye): Rams vs. Buccaneers, Saints vs. Eagles  

Division A: 49ers vs. Seahawks, Giants vs. Colts


Division C: Winner 1 vs. Winner 4, Winner 2 vs. Winner 3  

Division B: Cowboys vs. (lowest seeded team), Bills vs. (other team)    Division A Championship: 1v2


Division C Championship: 1v2      Division B Championship: 1v2



Please note that our procedure to break ties in the standings went as follows:

1. Points (2pts for win, 1pt for tie)

2. Win %

3. Head-to-head

4. Coin flip



If you have any questions feel free to email us at abingtonflagfootballleague@gmail.com