Southern Little League: Welcome

Welcome to Southern Little League

 Our schools are Bassetti, Ward, and Jackson

Link to district 5 tournament:


A huge congratulations to our 2018 all star teams!

 Major Division

Cayleb Contreras  7 

Jaden Carrillo       34 

Coeyn  Warkala    32

Jimmy  Rangel      3 

Grayson Camp      4

Joshua  Sinclair    24 

Tiegan Pacheco   17 

Branson King        33 

Dylan Lujan           38

Marion Rangel      16 

Jaden Smith         12 

Chance Flanary    11

Rylan Salyers        19


Minor Division 

Jeremiah Torrez         7 

Hudson Salyers          27

Carson  Boone            2 

Jared Clancy               3 

Elijah Sotelo                20 

Major De Los Santos 22 

Coen Alexander         18 

Joseph  Villarreal       23 

Brayden Lampe          1 

Tristan Beal                 00

Kingston Garza           5 

Jacob  Bynum             21 

Isaiah Benitez             71


Farm Division

Isaiah Alcantar      17

Evan Page              7

Elijah Sullivan         37

Morrissey Chabek 23

Branden Stewart    1

Kipptyn Gazaille     99

Joshua  Flores        4

Payton Keesee       33 

Brayden Fullerton  8

Parker Lee              12

Carter Riley            3

Jaxon Harris           27

Nate Holbrook        32 




None at this time






For questions or concerns email us at or message us on Facebook

We would love to hear your thoughts on improving and maintaining a positive league for the children at Southern Little League! If you have any input please contact us, or consider joining the board!


1. These are kids

2. This is a game

3. The coaches volunteer

4. The umpires are human

5. This is not professional baseball

Thank you