Aberdeen Central Golden Eagles: Middle School Info

Middle School Coaches

Coaches:7th Grade: Jim Appl, Dana Trumm, Sue Gapp,  Lonna Wanner 


8th Grade:  Caitlyn Graf, Brooke Seiler, Keith Wilkinson  


Basketball team pictures

7th grade December 19 at Simmons Middle School

8th grade December 17 at Holgate Middle School 

7th grade Calendars- practices and games included
Handout: 7th grade calendar

8th Grade basketball calendar- practices and games included
Handout: 8th Grade basketball calendar

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Tuesday, November 25
Fundraising- click here to go to shop for new CHS apparel

 The online shopping store is only open for two weeks:

Nov.24 through Dec. 8th 


Handout: Fundraising order form

Tuesday, November 25
GAME DAY Dismissal times for 7th and 8th grade
Handout: 7th and 8th grade Game Day release times

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