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Monday, November 14
Characteristics of Great Players

Characteristics of Great Players:

*Great players have tremendous focus during the entire practice or game.

*Great players listen with their eyes and ears whenever a coach or teammate is speaking.

*Great players want to be coached. They crave coaching because it makes them better.

*Great players want to work out and want to practice. They know that is when they get better.

*Great players go just as hard in practice as they do in games.

*Great players stick with a drill until they get it right. They aren't satisfied with average.

*Great players pay attention to every detail. Everything is important.

*Great players can't stand lazy teammates.

*Great players rarely miss a practice for any reason.

*Great players want to hear the truth.

*Great players hold themselves accountable for everything they do. Everything.

*Great players hold their teammates accountable for everything they do.


*Great players are committed to excellence in all areas - mind, body, spirit.

*Great players hate to lose. They want to win every drill, every sprint, and every



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