Aberdeen Central Golden Eagles: Welcome


AC Summer Basketball UPDATE starting July 20th:

  GOLDEN EAGLE ARENA IS CLOSED- we will go the next 2 weeks at 7:30am-

Monday and Wednesday at SIMMONS MIDDLE SCHOOL

Tuesday and Thursday at WASHINGTON STREET GYM 



NSU Team Camp on July 18 & 19 

Team 1: Mork, Hase, Chow, Pulfrey, Munsen, Mounga, Gardner, Gough, Yeske, Burckhard

Monday at GEA: 8:00 10:00 2:00   Tuesday at BC: 1:00  5:00 

Team 2: Ferguson, Bauer, Diede, Frohling, Hepperle, Tiede, Angerhofer, Hofer, Gellhaus, Snell

Monday at GEA: 10:00 11:00 2:00 8:00   Tuesday at Dac. Hall: 10:00  

Team 3: Kusler, Hermansen, Jacobs, Masters, Douglas, Griese, Fauth, Wager, Scepaniak, Kopecky, Mork, Mounga

Monday at GEA: 9:00 3:00  Tues at Dac. Hall: 10:00 4:00  Tues upstairs BC: 5:00 

If there any additional athletes who wish to play, please let Coach Seiler know ASAP! 

 10,00 Shot Club begins on June 1: Record your shots on chart in GEA arena 


Updates will be included on Twitter: @dawn_seiler 















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Handout: 2014-2015 practice / game schedule

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