Aberdeen Central Golden Eagles: Welcome


  Summer 2016


AC Basketball League:    June 1,8,15,22,29 and July 13               Grades 7-12 

NSU Team Camps: June 27-28     July 18-19   Grades 7-12 

Contact Coach Seiler if you wish to be a part of the League or NSU Team Camp:                                                                          dawn.seiler@k12.sd.us                                                                      


      Open Gyms at GEA beginning June 6  7:30am-9:00am Monday-Thursday   

                    Everyone is welcome to open gym.  The focus is on skill development.                      


 Coming soon: Sanford Power Program. This program will replace agility. More details to come!





















2014-15 Practice Calendar

Handout: 2014-2015 practice / game schedule

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Handout: GBB sites 2015-2016

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