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AC Summer Basketball

 Open Gyms begin on June 6: Monday-Thursday 7:30am

 AC Basketball League  June 22 Schedule - games have not been posted due to schedule changes because some teams will not be able to attend.

Blue (Juniors) - 

Gold (Sophs) - 

Black (Frosh) - 

White (Middle School) - 

Everyone should be at the gym by 5:00 to help work. We work rather than charge league fees...everyone needs to do their fair share! 


NSU Team Camp: June 27 & 28   Varsity, JV and Middle School Teams 


 The following have signed up for NSU team camp on June 27 & 28:

Arrive 30 minutes prior to game time! 

Team 1: Babcock, Mork, Gardner, Burckhard, Mounga, Munsen, Malchow, Yeske, Hase, Gough, Pulfrey

Monday at GEA: 8:00; 11:00; 2:00  Tuesday at BC: 11:00, 2:00

Team 2: Gellhaus, Gough, Yeske, Angerhofer, Hepperle, Tiede, Hofer, Bauer, Frohling, Diede, Goetz, Ferguson, Sanderson

Monday at GEA: 8:00,12:00, 3:00  Tuesday at GEA: 8:00, 1:00 

Team 3: Griese, Hermansen, Fauth, Masters, Kusler, Scepaniak, Wager, K. Mounga, M. Mork, Dixon, E. Tiede 

Monday at CHS: 9:00, 1:00  Tuesday at CHS: 10:00, 12:00, 4:00  

If there are any additional athletes who wish to play, please let Coach Seiler know ASAP! 

 10,00 Shot Club begins on June 1: Record your shots on chart in GEA arena 


Updates will be included on Twitter: @dawn_seiler 















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