ABC Fastpitch Training Academy: Clinics

Wednesday, June 19
Clinic Information



Our 6 week 1 hr. long hitting clinic will start with the very basics, building the swing from the ground up.  We will work drills that will reinforce good fundamentals, starting with the grip on the bat, and the batting stance. We will work on the mechanic of the proper leg drive and hip turn and finally once we have a good base we teach the proper short, quick, powerful swing that most collegiate and professional players use.



Our 6 week 1hr. long pitching clinic once again will start with the basics. We break it down for our pitchers piece by piece, starting at the end and working our way to the beginning. They will learn the correct motion starting with the follow through and the wrist snap, then working their way to the wind up and the push and leg drive.  By the end,they will be putting it all together to a full pitch.



There is much involved in our 6 week 1hr. long fielding clinic. We start by showing and breaking down the proper throwing and catching mechanics. Once they have a handle on this, we move on to the correct position for fielding ground balls and pop ups. Finally, they learn to put all they have learned together to make them a solid defensive player.


Game day:

Our 10 week 1.5 hrs. long game day clinic is our most popular. The first few will be spent on fundamentals such as fielding, hitting, base running, sliding and more. The next 7 weeks are spent with the girls scrimmaging against each other with instructors on the field coaching every situation. They will learn to cover bases, how to back up, and what to do when the ball is hit to them.  Also, live pitching and live hitting is a great way to work every facet of the game.