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Over The Fence Club
Sunday, May 4
Dillon Farah also gets his first homerun!

Dillon bounced one off the top rail to walk off win the game with a 2 run blast.   This was also his first at AB.  Congrat Dillon!

Sunday, May 4
Gabriel Jackson hits his first home run over straight away center!

With a towering shot over CF, Gabriel got his first homerun at AB!  Congrats to Gabriel!

Saturday, April 26
EJ Hernandez drives one out for a Grand Slam

With one swing of the bat, EJ Hernandez drove a shot over the left center fence to get his first grand slam at AB.  Congrats EJ!

Saturday, April 26
Nicholas Fletter got his first homerun at AB!

In a tight game, Nicholas hit a homerun over the left center fence on Saturday for his first at AB!  Great job Nicholas!

Friday, April 25
Carter Shall gets 2 more HR's

In game 2 of the double header last night, Carter hit two more HRs over the Left and Centerfield fences.

Saturday, April 12
In the second game, Mason Dudley gets a Grand Slam

Mason Dudley hits is thrid home run. A Grand Slam down the left field line.

Saturday, April 12
Charlie Fritz gets his first HR as a Grand Slam!

Charlie Fritz hits his very first home run, clearing the bases with a grand slam to over the Right Centerfield fence.

Thursday, April 10
With one swipe, Mason Dudley gets a 3 run HR

Mason Dudley continues to terrorize at the plate.  His latest 3 run HR in the 4th was his 2nd of the year

Thursday, April 10
Danny Cook went yard today with his 2nd HR of the year

With a Lead off Home Run Danny Cook roped his 2nd of the year over the left field fence.

Saturday, April 5
MINOR LEAGUE HR: Chase Toonk gets a Grand Slam

Minor league player chase Toonk hit his first home run last Saturday against the dbacks. With bases loaded in the bottom of the 4th, Chase hit a 2-0 fastball about 220 feet over the left field fence for a grand slam. It doesn't get much better than that.

Friday, March 28
Cherokee Nichols hits a 2 run walkoff HR to win over the Marlins

With the game on the line, Cherokee hit a rope over centerfield to take the game away from the Marlins.  Congrats Cherokee.

Monday, March 17
Carter Shall hits 2 HRs in the same game!

Carter Shall is on a terror with his bat, hitting two HR's in the game against the Hurricanes.  Congrats Carter!

Friday, March 14
Will Wyche hits a rocket over center field

Congrats to Will for hitting a blast in the game against the Marlins.

Monday, March 10
Nate Beenan and Carter Shall blast homeruns in the game Saturday

Nate Beenen crushed his first home run of the season over the right field fence. If Nate's was crushed, Carter Shall obliterated one over the center field fence.

Saturday, March 1
Bronson Farah hits a 2 run bomb over left field

Congrats to Bronson who in his first at bat bounced the ball of the fence, and in his second attempt, hit a 2 run bomb over left field.  Congrats Bronson!

Saturday, March 1
Mason Dudley hits a rope over left center

Off the bat, the line drive never made it over 20 feet and went screaming out of the park for the first homerun of the season.  Great job Mason!

Sunday, April 20
In the second game, Mason Dudley gets a Grand Slam
Mason Dudley hits is thrid home run. A Grand Slam down the left field line.

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