x - Advanced Play (8U-13U): Welcome

Welcome to Advanced Play

Welcome to the new section for Advanced Play teams. Advanced Play is comprised of teams who play all-star caliber competition on Sundays during the regular rec league season.   It is mandatory that all rec ball commitments are met in order to remain eligible for AP and AP events will never be scheduled in conflict with rec ball Monday - Saturday. A player may not play for a non ABAA team and participate in AP.

AP is not a pre-selection of the all star team so those that choose not to play AP will still be invited to tryout for all stars along with those who develop all star potential during the season.  AP is designed to offer a higher level of competition that cannot be achieved in rec ball. Advanced play is done on a 100% volunteer basis and is by invitation only to those with a demonstrated ability and desire to compete against the best in Jacksonville. All costs are paid for by the participants.