ABAA T-Ball League (4-6): Welcome

Atlantic Beach T-Ball League

The ABAA T-Ball League is for boys and girls ages 4-6.

All games are played at Jack Russell Park - T-Ball Field, in Atlantic Beach.

There are two divisons playing in the Spring 2013 season.

Coach Pitch T-Ball
Brewers | Cardinals | Iron Birds | Rangers

Regular T-Ball
Cubs | Dodgers | Nationals | Red Sox

T-Ball equipment/apparel: ABAA will provide the team uniform shirt, cap and socks. Players will need solid gray baseball pants, cleats and T-Ball glove. T-Ball bat, T-Ball helmet and T-Ball equipment bag are optional. Other players on the team will have bats and the league will have extra helmets, if you don't have one. Players will be assigned to T-Ball teams. There are no evaluations. T-Ball games are usually on Saturdays. There is one game per week. Players must be 4 by April 30. First-year players must provide a copy of their birth certificate.

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