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AAU Disclaimer
The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be complete, nor is it represented as such. The AAU does not endorse nor recommend any specific club(s), nor group(s) of athletes. The AAU merely provides this information as a service; it neither verfies nor guarantees the accuracy thereof.

Sunday, March 2
2014 Ozark AAU Wrestling Triple Crown Application



DIRECTIONS: Wrestlers that won first place in the BLUE (Experienced not ROOKIE) Division need to complete the following information and return prior to March 9. Return to:


 Jack Crider

AAU Wrestling Sports Chairman (Preferred)


or mail to:


Jack Crider

232 N. Kingshighway Blvd.


St. Louis, MO 63108


Name of wrestler______________________________


Address _____________________________________


City __________________ Missouri Zip  __________  


E-mail address _______________________________


Phone number _______________________________


Wrestling Club ______________________________


2014 Missouri National Challenge                 Division ______________  Wt. Class __________


2014 Ozark Association Championship Division _______________ Wt. Class __________


2014 MO State AAU Championship Division _______________ Wt. Class __________ 

Handout: 2014 Ozark AAU Wrestling Triple Crown Application

Definition of MO AAU Triple Crown Wrestling Champ
Open this attachment for the Definition of MO AAU Triple Crown Wrestling Champ
Handout: Definition of MO AAU Triple Crown Wrestling Champ

NOTICE! AAU Travel Policy

Friday, September 21

Any wrestler who is a current registered AAU member MAY compete in ALL Ozark AAU sanctioned events INCLUDING the Ozark Association Championship and the Missouri National Challenge.  To compete in the Missouri State AAU Championship the wrestler must reside in the State of Missouri;  and go to school in the State of Missouri.     




Ozark AAU Inclement Weather Policy
In the event of inclement weather, each individual and team must make the decision whether or not to attend a tournament. This decision must be made regardless of whether the tournament director decides to hold the tournament and whether or not other local teams and individuals decide to attend. Should inclement weather cause a team or individual to decide not to attend a tournament, the Team Manager, Head Coach, or other team representative should notify the Tournament Director immediately. If a wrestler or team is concerned of the status of the tournament, a team representative should Tournament Diretor or visit for an update of the tournament status. However, generally speaking, every effort will be made to hold a tournament. The Triple Crown Series of Tournaments will almost NEVER cancel a tournament based on “predicted” weather. For bad weather that strikes one to two days before the tournament, the tournament WILL BE HELD unless teams and/or individuals are otherwise notified (cancelled tournament information will be on web page and an attempt will be made to notify all teams. Please check the tournament web-site before contacting the Tournament Directors. If you must contact the Tournament Director(s), please have only the club/team rep telephone so that duplicate inquiries from the same club/team can be avoided. For inclement weather the day of the tournament, it is unlikely that a tournament director could contact all teams beforehand, so the tournament will be held for all that are able to make it unless severe weather conditions restrict tournament director from facilities.

The Tournament Director is responsible to provide a safe environment. If local conditions warrant canceling or changing the tournament date, the Tournament Director must consult with the Ozark Wrestling Chairman immediately. Ozark Association reserves the right to cancel a tournament after consultation with the Tournament Director. Once a decision has been made, the Tournament Director(s) should attempt to notify as many of the team representatives as possible.

Ozark AAU Wrestling Bracketing Rule

The Ozark AAU has a 12 percent rule. For example, if a wrestler is listed at Heavyweight and weighs 70 pounds, the heaviest opponent he can wrestle is 78.4 points. Many times, the Heavyweight Division is divided into Heavyweight 1 and Heavyweight 2. If a wrestler is entered into a tournament as a Heavyweight, the coach/parent should list his ACTUAL weight so that the RULE can be applied.
If two or more wrestlers weigh less than 12 percent of the lightest weight class , a new weight class shall be created. If only one wrestler weighs less than 12 percent; do not create a weight class. Do not move wrestlers down if they are within 12 percent of the lightest weight class just to create a weight class.

If the coach/parent DOES NOT list the weight the TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR or designee should contact the coach/parent to confirm the actual weight prior to bracketing. Tournament Flyers should explain the 12 per cent rule and EXPLAIN CLEARLY the need to list ACTUAL WEIGHT of the youth.

Tournament using GROUPING should keep weight classes WITHIN 12 percent when creating weight classes.   

Friday, March 2
CORRECTED Ozark AAU Announces Its' 2012 Missouri AAU Wrestling Triple Crown Winners

Over 2500 Missouri AAU Wrestlers competed this year and the following 32 youths won the 2012 Missouri AAU Wrestling Triple Crown Championship.

 To win this award the wrestler must have taken Ist. Place in each of the Triple Crown Events which are the Ozark Association Championship (the Oldest Tournament West of the Mississippi);  the Missouri National Challenge;  and the Missouri State Wrestling Championships---All in the same year.

The 2012 Champions are:

Bantam 45 ibs. Kolby Warren Bonhomme

Bantam 60 lbs. Cole Ruble Fox

Midget 60 lbs. Carter Smith Hannibal

Midget 70 lbs. Nathan Undertajlo Wentzville Holt

Midget 75 lbs. Chase Brock Wentzville Holt

Midget 80 lbs. Tahjae JenkinsHarris ABC

Midget 85 lbs. Chase Stegall Bonhomme

Midget 92 lbs. Colton Hawks Zumwalt North

Midget 112 lbs. Chase McCoy Timberwolves Xtreme

Novice 55 lbs. Alec Bailey Unattached

Novice 60 lbs. Cameron Fusco Fox

Novice 65 lbs. Caleb Conedera Timberwolves Xtreme

Novice 70 lbs. Evan Winder Unattached

Novice 85 lbs. Devin Schwartzkopf JR Spartans

Novice 90 lbs. Cole Welker Jackson

Novice 95 lbs. David Olejnik Bonhomme

Novice 108 lbs. Kellen Ekern Unattached

Novice 148 lbs. Aaron Herman St. Clair

Schoolboy 65 lbs Eric Mayfield Howell North

Schoolboy 70 lbs. Michael McAteer Timberwolves Xtreme

Schoolboy 80 lbs. Cameron Spires Timberwolves Xtreme

Schoolboy 100 lbs. Steve Landow Jaquar

Schoolboy 112 lbs. Dylan Komperda Bonhomme

Schoolboy 125 lbs. Jackson Berck JR Spartans

Schoolboy 130 lbs. Dustin Jones Ste. Genevieve

Schoolboy 160 lbs. Sam Terrana Ste. Genevieve

Schoolboy 189 lbs. Josh Stinnett Jackson

Cadet 135 lbs. Collin Huitt Unattached

Cadet 152 lbs. Dylan Ahern Union

Cadet 160 lbs. Zach Benner Unattached

Cadet 189 lbs. Jeremy Monehan Washington

Cadet HWT. Patrick Sparkman Francis Howell



Sunday, May 16
2010 MO State AAU Championship Results


Visit for the 2010 MO State AAU Wrestling Results. 

Sunday, March 15
Missouri AAU Announces It's 2009 Triple Crown Champions
Missouri AAU Announces It's 2009 Triple Crown Champions

25 wrestlers were able to achieved the 2009 Missouri AAU Wrestling Triple Crown Championship this season. 6 were able to repeat from last season, and 5 of those 6 are 3 X Champions.  Congratulations to these Champions:

** Indicates Repeating Champions 2008 and 2009

*** Indicates Three-peat Champions 2007, 2008, 2009

Tyler Sullivan, Bantam 45, Bonhomme Wrestling Club

Christian Ziek, Bantam 55, Zumwalt Wrestling Club

Elijah Dale, Bantam 60, Fox Wrestling Club

Karthik Mogallapu, Bantam Hwt., Rockwood Lindbergh Wr. Club

***Anthony Pisciotta, Midget 50, Francis Howell North Wr. Club

Nicholas Zeik, Midget 60, Zumwalt Wrestling Club

Jackson Berck, Midget 85, Francis Howell Central Wr. Club

Max Darrah, Midget 100, Timberland Wrestling Club

Nathan Maas, Novice 60, Francis Howell Central Wr. Club

Colby Collings, Novice 90, Hannibal Wrestling Club

Rourke Penn, Novice 108, Zumwalt Wrestling Club

Zach Seiler, Novice 132, Bonhomme Wrestling Club

*** Alex Gaona, Novice 148, Ste. Genevieve Wr. Club

Weston Basler, Schoolboy 70, Fox Wrestling Club

Devan Richter, Schoolboy 90, Eierman Wrestling Club

*** Brock Wingbermuehle, Schoolboy 100, Fox Wrestling Club

Austin Repp, Schoolboy 125, Bonhomme Wrestling Club

Billy Duncan, Schoolboy 135, Fox Wrestling Club

Tyler Bates, Schoolboy 140, Francis Howell Central Wr. Club

Logan Baird, Schoolboy 160, Washington Wrestling Club

James Krischke, Cadet 103, Bonhomme Wrestling Club

*** Christian Wilkes, Cadet 130, Team St. Louis Wrestling Club

*** Ian McIntosh, Cadet 140, Rockwood Lindbergh Wr. Club

Matthew McClimens, Cadet 152, Bonhomme Wrestling Club

** Cody Day, Cadet 171, Union Wrestling Club  

Thursday, March 5
2009 MO State AAU Champions & Place-winners
Open this Attachment for the Listing of the 2009 MO State AAU Wrestling Champions & Place-winners
Handout: 2009 MO State AAU Champions & Place-winners

Wednesday, March 5
2008 Missouri AAU Wrestling Triple Crown Champions

Open this Attachment for a Listing of the 2008 Missouri AAU Wrestling Triple Crown Champions

Handout: 2008 Misssouri AAU Wrestling Triple Crown Champions

Tuesday, February 26
2008 Missouri State AAU Championship Results
Open this Attachment for a Listing of the 2008 Missouri State AAU Wrestling Champions and Place-winners. 
Handout: 2008 Missouri State AAU Championship Results

Tuesday, February 5
2008 Missouri National Challenge Blue Division Results
Open this Attachment for the listing of Champions and Place-winners for the 2008 Missouri National Challenge Blue Division. 
Handout: 2008 Missouri National Challenge Blue Division Results

Tuesday, February 5
2008 Missouri National Challenge Gold Division Results
Open this Attachment for a listing of the Champions and Place-winners from the 2008 Missouri National Challenge Gold Division.
Handout: 2008 MO Challenge Gold Division Results

Thursday, January 31
2008 Missouri National Challenge Team Scores

Fifty-two teams competed for the Missouri National Challenge Team Title.

Results of the top four place-winners are:

Fox                              152 pts.

Zumwalt                      117 pts.

Bonhomme                    98 pts.

Rockwood/Lindbergh  78

See Attachment for the complete Team Standings

Handout: 2008 MO Challenge Team Results Blue Division

Sunday, January 20
Open these attachments for the complete results of the 2008 Ozark Association Championships-the First Leg of the Missouri Wrestling Triple Crown.
Handout: 2008 Ozark Association Championship Tournament Results

Ozark Association AAU
Ozark Association AAU
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