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Rules and 2017 updates

The 2017 update page applies.
Handout: Rules

State A Brackets

Handout: 2017 State A Tourney

Sardis AA Brackets

Handout: 2017 AA State Tourney

State AA Info

State AA Tournament

Location:  Sardis Ball Park

Gate Fee: $5.00 (over 18)

Teeny, Teeny AA, JR AA

Tony Rippee 501-733-0808

Steve Pritchett 501-350-4129


Handout: Sardis Directions

State A Info

State A Tournament

Location:  Dardenell Ball Park

Gate Fee:  5.00 (over 18)

Teeny A, JR A, SR

Royce Moore 479-331-2571



Handout: Dardenelle directions from LR