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13U Blue Team Winners
13U Blue Team Winners
Team Results

Congratulations to our 18U Blue and 13U Blue Teams for winning the Gold Division at Motor City Madness while 14U Blue took first place in the silver division! Way to go Blue!!!!


More recent results.  Congratulations A2!

16U Blue: 7th Place Power League Gold Division

16U Maize: 1st Place Power League Bronze Division

13U Blue: 1st Place Great Lakes Festival Silver Division.

College Commitments

Congratulations to the first A2 Graduating Class of 2012!

Caitlin Foote-Dominican University

Marissa Owen-Hillsdale College

Kristin Malcolm-Hillsdale College

Sam Siddall-Hillsdale College

Julia Peterson-Lake Superior State

Meghan Clearly-Northwood University

Maggie DeLoy-Grand Valley State