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Tuesday, February 18
Kokopelli's Thunder Takes Flight

A Mayan witch, a vanished civilization, a paranormal investigator, pterodactyls... What more could you ask for?

Kokopelli's Thunder developed from an 1892 newspaper record author Sean Cordry came upon that told of two cowboys seeing and chasing after a large, leathery-winged soaring animal across the desert. Cordry set out to take two topics and mix them together. First and foremost, what if gigantic pterosaurs had somehow made it into the twentieth century? And second, what if the pterosaurs were involved in the death of the Anasazi culture?

This story answers those queries.

It flashes back and forth between a 12th-century account and a 20th-century account. The older story lets you fully understand what's taking place in the later plot, and vice-versa. All together, the two narratives weave a innovative account of twisted faithfulness, vengeance, justice and reconciliation.

Written for adult readers, you won't see flamboyant, fru-fru sorcery reading this. You won't get playground violence. The magic is natural and ferocious, even as the action is accurate and hostile. The Mayan goddess Ixtab has an greatly important task in the yarn as a narcissistic sexual predator with a cruel evil streak.

This publication is the foremost in a set of novels I am planning. Each story will re-visualize bona fide historical affairs and individuals, connecting them to scenarios in the very early 20th century. I'll make use of original mysteries and generate amazing action accounts around them.

Your engagement will permit this story and the approaching line to take flight.