Zimmerman Youth Baseball: Thunder Baseball News: 2011 All Star Game

Saturday, July 23
2011 All Star Game

The jerseys really completed the idea it seemed like the kids liked identifying with a team they could see on TV as well . This year with the addition of the stealing bases really went well. It was impressive how much the kids loved taking extra bases after getting on.Resulting in our highest scoring all-star game since we started. It Seems this year I didn't miss any calls in the field. but that might depend on which team you ask.J/K  I have to say the bugs were really really fierce and thanks to everyone who was able to attend and with stand mother natures most relentless small creature. ( had we had any breeze at all it might have been a lot better.) 

Thanks to all of the parents and coaches for their help and support this wouldn't exist without the continual support of our community.
Enjoy the rest of your summer and C-ya next year!!
Director Majors Minors
Corey Tillman