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( This site was last updated on March 7, 2018)

Saturday, January 27
Entry Level Referee Class

YASRA will be holding a four-day, 12 hour Entry Level Referee Class for individuals interested in becoming a soccer referee.

Dates: February 27, March 1, 6, 8 

Time: 6:30- 9:30 PM each night

location: St Joseph School, Dallastown, PA

All Online Entry Level Class Requirements MUST be met prior to start of 1st Class.

Email: Tom Schuchart for more info and application details. Deadline is February 6th. Classes fill quickly. 

Thursday, August 31
Meeting Review from 8-27-17

Meeting Review from 8/27/17
1. YorkUSA league did away with Rec Teams.
2. ALL Coaches and now Players must have passes that you MUST check before the game starts. 3. (YorkUSA) The first three weeks we will allow re-dos for throw-ins in U9 and U10 games only.
4. Silent weekend if Oct 14-16 (YorkUSA games).  U9 and U10 coaches may only give positive instructions to their players, on one else is allowed to yell.
5. BUILD OUT LINE games, ALL attacking players must go over the build out line before they can participate in play.  If they do not and play the ball call an INDIRECT Free Kick to defending team
6. U12 and younger (YorkUSA)  games, players are allowed to substitute at ANY stoppage.  Possession team must initiate the substitution opportunity on free kicks, unless it is a restart that requires a whistle.
7.  CPYSL and PAGS games, If you give a Send Off (Red Card) to a player OR Coach, you must retain their coach or player pass and MAIL them to the league with your Game Report.

Sunday, October 8
Points of Emphasis Fall 2017

BUILD OUT LINE MUST BE ENFORCED according to the EPYSA standards.

No player on the attacking team can participate in play untl they go back behind the build out line.

On Goal kicks the ball must clear the penalty area before they can leave the build out line 

Tuesday, April 18
Points of Emphasis Spring 2017

IF there is an Injury, 1st list on the apprioriate teams green/blue/manilla game card, 2nd make sure to put in Supplement Game Report the injury, name, #, time of match, and team.  It does not matter how minor the injury may seem.  This is for Insurance purposes!  The Game Report is an official document.

On the Game Report, the full Team's name MUST be listed, NOT just the Club.  The league should not have to go look up the team name.  Clubs have several teams so please make sure it is listed correctly.  Make sure it is accurate & correct.  The  entire name of the Assistant Referees must be listed correctly also.  No nicknames, or only 1st names.  Introduce yourself to your officiating team members!!

Veteran or Seasoned Referees are NOT to interfere with the game.  Offer instructions at halftime and after the game is over.

IF you would like someone to observe you at a gamme to give you some feedback, please let Tom know.  We are here to help! 

Monday, March 27
Meeting Review 3-27-17
Meeting Review from 3/27/17
1. Head Injury = remove player from field, if returning and headache, remove player again. SAFETY!
2. ALL U11 & Under games, all deliberate head balls, stop play and award IFK from spot.
If defense heads ball and still goes into goal, award Goal, Restart with Kick Off.
3. Build Out Lines for 7v7 (BOL). See Downloads Section for Rules.
4. In 7v7 games, GK cannot punt, drop kick, or throw in air and kick ball. Infractions is an IFK to opponent from spot of Punt
5. In 7v7 games, attacking team CANNOT be called Offsides between Mid field and BOL.
6. Review of Green Card, make sure you name is Legible, and record any and all cards for that team.
7. Rec Team Line Ups must have players Name & #,
8. Travel Team Line Ups must have players Name, #, & Pass #
9. York USA and STATE Cup Games, Handshakes are done immediately after coin toss, NOT after game.
10. YorkUSA silent weekend SPRING dates: May 5,6, and 7 2017

Tuesday, August 30
Meeting Review from 8-28-16

Key points discussed in case you missed this meeting:

1. New Revisions to the Laws of the Game (see Downloads Page for PowerPoint) of all the Law Changes and Updates
2. New US Soccer Small Sided Games RULES and Guideline to Procedures (Build Out Line, No GK Punting/No Drop Punts) Link to US Soccer Document 7v7 Guideline
3. NO Heading allowed at U11 and below level. Deliberate Head ball is stoppage and an Indirect Free Kick given to opposing team.
4. Field updates / locations
5. YORK USA Silent Weekends (9/24 & 9/25 AND 10/15 & 10/16) (Warn coach / then Remove if not complying. Remind coach and teams this is a silent weekend prior to start of the game).

Tuesday, August 30
Points of emphasis

1. See Field Closure Notes on the "NEWS" page
2. NO Slide Tackles are allowed at U9 & U10 Travel & Rec for ANY York USA Game.
Call the foul - Direct Kick, 2nd occurrence YELLOW Card, 3rd occurrence RED Card
3. Effective immediately: for ALL York USA Games, if a there is an illegal throw-in or the ball does NOT enter the field on the throw-in it is a TURN OVER and a throw-in is given to the other team!  Start Enforcing immediately at York USA Games.
4. Game Reports MUST be filed within 48 hours of each game if you are a Center Referee
Save the Game Report to desktop/folder then attach as file and email to appropriate contacts  (York USA website Game Report Link is unreliable)  Follow instructions above.  See "Game Reports" link for more detailed instructions.

Friday, September 25
Field Closures
If you get to a field and it is closed, the club closes it or you close it, if it is before the game starts you collect half of the game fees from each coach, that they are obligated to pay. That means you will get half of the total fee.  Coaches are NOT allowed to give you the whole fee.
      If the field is closed for the first game of 2 or more games, or the field is closed for all games, you are to get half fee for the first game ONLY.
This has been handled this way for years and only the league can change it.
SO  if anyone received more money then they should have the first week or any future weeks You must send to the York USA office the fees you are not entitled too. Stating what game and what team(s) gave you what monies.

On the other hand if it is a CPYSL game you collect no money, and send in a game report to get your half fee, by the league,  Include addresses of your crew on your game report.

Wednesday, February 24
Meeting Review from 3/26/15

Lightinng Rule (30-min wait, if heard/seen then restart 30-min wait again)
York USA Rule only: 1 game at the field = must start within 45 mins.
Mutiple Games on same field max wait  =30-mins for 1st game.
If in 1st half - Note restart, time of match, possession, and score, game will be rescheduled at later date.
If in 2nd hallf - game will be considered official game.

Tuesday, August 30
YorkUSA (only) SlideTackle Rule!!!

York USA League Only:
U9 & U10 TRAVEL & REC --NO Slide Tackles Allowed. 
Call foul 1st time/Verbal Warning-Direct Kick,
2nd time/Yellow Card(USB)-Direct Kick,
3rd time/Yellow Card(then Red Card) for 2nd Caution-Direck Kick

Tuesday, August 30
Substitution Rules

Substitution Rules are as follow:
YorkUSA = if team in possession is subbing, the other team may also substitute, unlimited
CPYSL = if team in possession is subbing, the other team may also substitute, unlimited
LANCO = if team in possession is subbing, the other team may also substitute, unlimited
DELCO = if team in possession is subbing, the other team may also substitute, unlimited
NO Substitutions on corners. Injury is 1 for 1. All Players MUST be at mid field.

PAGS = at ANY stoppage, unlimited
APL = at ANY stoppage, unlimited

CUP Games = Check the current Sub Rules from EPYSA website as they vary! 

Tuesday, August 30
Player Passes - Parents/Spectators Sidelines

YorkUSA - Check Player & coach passes & return.  Players sit on same side as their parents/fans
CPYSL - Hold passes and return once game is finished.  Players sit on same side as their parents/fans. EJECTED/RED Card you must retain pass of coach or player and MAIL into CPYSL Office.
LANCO - Check Player & coach passes & return.
DELCO - Hold passes of coaches only and return once game is finished.  Player Checkin with passes not required by referees. Players/Teams sit opposite side of all parents/fans.
PAGS -  Hold passes and return once game is finished. Players/Teams sit opposite side of all
CUP Games - Check Cup website for current rules.

COACHES PASSES = each Coach must have a Valid Pass or they are not allowed to coach with the team/in the bench/technical area.

Sunday, January 1
CPYSL Game Note (Field Condition)

If any CPYSL game is suspended in the 1st half due to weather or the field not being playable,
ALL Game Fess MUST be returned to both coaches.  Center Referee must File a Game Report and the League will mail out checks.  Please include address of your Assistant Referees.

York Area Soccer Referees' Association
York Area Soccer Referees' Association
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