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York Area Soccer Referees' Association

York Area Soccer Referees' Association  
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This is the official web site for the York Area Soccer Referees' Association (YASRA). Our mission is to promote soccer through the recruitment, training, professional development and retention of qualified referees. We are affiliated with the Eastern Pennsylvania Soccer Association Referee Committee (EPSARC). Membership in YASRA is open to all registered USSF referees in the York area.

( This site was last updated on February 24, 2016)

Training Schedule for 2016

The Board has announced that YASRA will NOT be offering training credits (hours) for calendar year 2016:
It is STRONGLY recommended to attend this Pre-Season Meeting. (Windows Ballroom)

Date                                   Time                                              Location                              
Sunday 3/13/16            6:30PM to approx 8:30PM            Heritage Hills- Windows Ballrom
***Attendance here will not count toward the 5 hour continuing training.

        1.        Please visit for 2016 Intermediate classes.
        2.        Clinics fill quickly and you MUST pre-register by the deadlines (fees are involved).

Each referee must pass the written test and participate in at least 5 hours of continuing educational instruction during each training year in order to be eligible to register for the next calendar year. The test and training may be accomplished either at a Chapter level or by attending one of the Intermediate Clinics that are conducted annually at the state level. In order for you to submit your USSF registration packet to EPSARC so that you will be eligible to officiate games in calendar year 2017, you must pass the written test and participate in at least 5 hours of instruction during the period of January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2016.

Friday, September 25
Points of emphasis

1. See Field Closure Notes on the "NEWS" page
2. NO Slide Tackles are allowed at U9 & U10 Travel & Rec for ANY York USA Game.
Call the foul - Direct Kick, 2nd occurrence YELLOW Card, 3rd occurrence RED Card
3. Effective immediately: for ALL York USA Games, if a there is an illegal throw-in or the ball does NOT enter the field on the throw-in it is a TURN OVER and a throw-in is given to the other team!  Start Enforcing immediately at York USA Games.
4.  If you stop the game for an injury and the coach attends to a player on the field, the player MUST be removed from the field and may be substituted for (exception is for the Goalie only)
5. Game Reports MUST be filed within 48 hours of each game if you are a Center Referee
Save the Game Report to desktop/folder then attach as file and email to appropriate contacts  (York USA website Game Report Link is unreliable)  Follow instructions above.  See "Game Reports" link for more detailed instructions.

Intermediate Clinics are Run by EPSARC

Intermediate Recertification Clincs for 2017

Please note that the various day-long Intermediate Clinics being held throughout the year are organized and conducted by EPSARC, not by YASRA. ALL questions regarding these training sessions should be directed to EPSARC. The EPSARC website contains detailed information about these Intermediate clinics.

1/30/16 Twin Valley HS
1/31/16 Arch Bishop Carroll HS
2/6/15 Holiday Inn Allentown
2/7/15 Dickinson University
6/4/15 Twin Valley HS (Advanced Clinic)
6/5/15 Twin Valley HS (Intermediate Clinic)
Oct 2016 Keystone Job Center
Oct 2016 Geisinger Medical Center

Important notice for 2016 Recertification: EPSARC will no longer accept Instructional hours and/or testing from other states. All requirements must be met in Eastern Pa. Please make plans to attend one of our 8 State clinics in 2016.  

Finish the Job!

Please note the following from the State Office!
All referees are reminded that they must sign player rosters as part of their pre-game procedures.  This means if there are 3 copies of the roster, they need to sign all 3 copies, or make sure their signature is legible on all copies.  Signing the roster is part of the center referee's responsibilities in all matches.  REMINDER to print legibily and return any game cards back to the coaches after the game.

GAMES REPORTS must be submitted within 48 hours!

Entry Level Referee Certification Course

To find upcoming New Referee Certification Classes visit:

Test Yourself (On-line Quiz)

Test your knowledge on the Laws of the Game, Advice to Referees, and Guide to Procedures.

All answers will be reviewed after the quiz is completed.

Questions are based on Entry Level, Recertification and State Referee tests.


How do I get game assignments?

Several weeks prior to each new season, Tom Schuchart (the YorkUSA League assignor) sends out avail surveys to all registered referees whose names appear on his most recent printout from EPSARC. You should carefully complete that form and return it to Tom immediately so that he can include the information in his game assignment decisions.

If you have not received the survey for the Spring season by mid FEBRUARY, or for the Fall  season the beginning of AUGUST, contact Tom at or (717) 873-0638 to verify your address and certification status. Note that if you did not fulfill all of the USSF recertification requirements last year (ie: attend 5 hours of instruction, pass the written test and submit your USSF registration form to EPSARC  then your name will not appear on Tom's list. Neither Tom nor any other assignor can schedule you for games (including tournaments) if you have not properly registered with USSF for 2016.

Click on this paragraph's headline (or the "Referee Assignors" folder on the left-hand side of this screen) for a complete list of game and tournament assignors who handle matches in York and surrounding counties.

Requirements to Maintain USSF Registration:

Every year, EPA Referees must recertify for the following year.

In the CURRENT year, to qualify for NEXT year, you must:

  • obtain 5 hours of instruction,

  • pass a written refresher test,

  • depending on your level, pass a fitness test and game assessments,

  • complete a background check if you're 18 or older. 

       (This must be done through EPSARC as we can not accept background checks or criminal checks from other organizations.)


NOTE:   If you are transferring to/from Eastern PA from another State Association, contact
Frank Giancroce, to obtain clearance.

Not on the List as a Registered Referee???

 Have  you been notified by a Referee Assignor that you are not on the current list of Certified Referees?


Here are the most common reasons:

  • You didn't re-register with USSF for 2016 - Registering for a clinic doesn't register you with USSF. That is a separate process and is done at
  • You registered late - If you completed your online registration within the past month your name may not have had time to get on the list.
  • You have the wrong State Association on your USSF file. There are over 140,000 registered referees in the USA. Assignors only get the list for Eastern PA (EPA) about 2,000.
  • You didn't complete your training requirements during 2015.
  • You didn't pass the written test during 2015.
  • You're a college student who didn't provide verification of full time status to EPSARC.


You can check your status by logging in at and clicking on the referee tab.

Sunday, September 8
Letter from the father of a referee:

An Open Apology and a Thank-You

I have been thinking about emailing you for some time.  My son is a new ref - starting this past Spring.  I have had the opportunity to sit on the sidelines and watch him for several games.  It has been a interesting learning experience for me.  As a coach, I would often get frustrated with certain calls, and sometimes would let that frustration show through unkind words directed at a referee.  Listening to parents and coaches direct venom towards my son this past week during a Friendly Fest, where the games didn't count for anything, and this past Spring in U10 rec league tournament has opened my eyes.  To watch parents and coaches from our own club go after my son for ridiculous things has made me embarrassed for some of my prior behavior. Consider this an open apology from me to all refs.  I am sorry for anything I have ever said that was not said with respect.  Soccer is a game, and it is meant to be fun.  Refs cannot see everything, nor will they always make the right call, but at the end of the day it doesn't really matter.
What matters is showing everyone respect - the refs, the other coaches and players.  Perhaps if everyone had a child that was a ref, it would change a lot of behavior.  Thank-you to all the refs out there who spend their time on the weekends so my children can play a game.  And thank-you for all that you do.

PS - feel free to share as you see fit.  Hope it does not seem too weird to send this, but I felt compelled to do so.  I just wish wisdom would have come sooner rather than later for me.

York Area Soccer Referees' Association
York Area Soccer Referees' Association
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