Xplosion 12U Baseball Club: Playing Time

Monday, March 22
Playing time and Line Up
Positions for Travel Baseball are determined by the skill level of the players. This is a competitive league and game rosters are established completely at the discretion of the coaches. Coaches will work to develop players in the positions for which they are most suited. Players will be taught the mechanics and strategy required to play their particular position. Players are not necessarily rotated through positions or given equal playing time, as they are in Recreational League play. Some players will play more innings than others, but coaches will make every effort to play all players as the game dictates. Coaching decisions will be guided at all times by what is good for the team, rather than accommodate individual wishes and preferences. There will NOT be any coaches favoritism. If a player earns the spot to play a certain position, that player will play that position. The coaches son/s will be treated equally to the other players on the team, no exceptions.