Long Island Braves: Lax Tips

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Tom Ryan

The 3 common dodges are Split, spin, and bull dodge,

the Split::: Run at defender 2 steps away take a step to his right (throw your body into it) and quickly step back to left and run around left side. This dodge is hard to explain but works very well.

Spin Dodge::: run at defender 3/4 speed...run put you pivot foot (right foot) near or inbetween his legs....pivot to the right and spin around his right side... sometimes hard to get right but once u get the hang of it its a great dodge.

Bull Dodge:::cradle close to your body put your shoulder down and push through and around your defender. simple dodge to ler\arn and effective if you are bigger than your deffender.

There is also the Swim dodge......but i will save that for another day. the swim is fun to do but sometimes not very effective....and some time you may be laughed at LOL i have been on a few occasions using this doge but it CAN and WILL work.

Did You Know
2001 award winners named
Hofstra University senior midfielder Doug Shanahan was named the 2001 America East Men's Lacrosse Player of the Year. Drexel University freshman Mark Williamson, an attacker, earned Rookie of the Year honors. Towson University head coach Tony Seaman, in his 3rd season with the Tigers, was named Coach of the Year.

Womens Lacrosse

2002 Championship Information
The 2002 America East Women’s Lacrosse Championship will be decided Saturday, May 4. The semifinals are set for Thursday, May 2. The four-team tournament will be held at home field of the No. 1 seed from the regular-season standings.
Five America East member institutions -- University at Albany, Binghamton University, Boston University, University of New Hampshire and University of Vermont -- will compete for the four championship berths.

The five teams will each play a four-game regular-season conference schedule.

The No. 1 seed plays the No. 4 seed in one semifinal while the No. 2 seed meets the No. 3 seed in the other.

Boston University has appeared in each of the last three America East Women’s Lacrosse Championship games, including a 7-6 loss in overtime at Hofstra University last season. The Terriers were America East Champions in 2000 and received the conference’s automatic bid to the NCAA Championship.

The Gage
SHOT....... SCORE!!!!!!!!

Takin Care Of Lax