Woodstock Soccer Club: Welcome

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2015 Outdoor Soccer Registration Dates

Monday  January 19th  5 pm to 8pm 
 Tuesday  January 27th  5 pm to 8 pm
 Wednesday  February 4th  5 pm to 8 pm
 Thursday  February 12th  5 pm to 8 pm
 Friday  February 20th  6 pm to 9 pm
 Saturday  February 28th  9 am to 3pm

Nights of Play

Year Born Division  Playing Night 
 2011  U4  Thursday
 2010  U5  Tuesday
 2009  U6  Wednesday
 2009/2008 Girls  U6/7  Tuesday
 2008  U7  Monday
 2007  U8  Tuesday
 2007/2006 Girls  U8/9  Thursday
 2006/2005  U10  Monday
 2005/2004 Girls  U10/11  Thursday
 2003/2004 U12   Thursday
 2001/2002  U14  Monday
 2000/1999  U16  Wednesday
 1998/1997  U18  Tuesday

Registration Fees

                                                  There will be no U2/3 Summer Session....See you in the Fall!

                                                                Youth born 1997 -2011  $165.00                                                                   

                                                              Adult/Womens/ Over 30 League  $190.00


"All Accessibility Soccer"
The Woodstock Soccer Club is running an All Accessibility Indoor Soccer program this fall.
It runs on Saturdays from 11am till 12am at Cowan Park. This includes participants that have autism, physical and/or mental disabilities, along with any other special needs, that can't or don't want to participate in current WSC programs. The hope is to develop a program, so everyone interested can participate in the game of soccer. We understand that our current programs do not allow the flexibilities for some participants, and the hope is the WSC can become an all accessibility club that allows everyone interested to participate in the game of soccer. If you could get the word out to these individuals, and pass on our information to those that this would apply to, or those that would be interested, it would be greatly appreciated!

For more information about participation please feel free to contact
Timothy Jansen, WSC - Vice President
2014 MLS WORKS Community MVP Contest local market finalist
- Timothy Jansen for Toronto FC-
Prize includes a $1,000 donation to charity of choice - Woodstock Soccer Club

Just A Reminder....

To all players and customers renting the indoor pitch, PLEASE make sure to remove your Outside Footwear before entering the pitch as the Stones and Salt from outside are not good for the turf and will damage it. 

Outdoor Cleats are still allowed but MAY NOT  have metal spikes on them.

There are signs on entries to the building and onto the pitch that ask you to remove your outdoor footwear.

 WSC Executive