Wise County Youth Basketball: Welcome

Monday, February 8

WOW! What a great way to end the season! Championship Day was a great success. Both the 5th and 6th grade championship games were decided by 1 point! In all, 8 championships were awarded. Thanks to all the players, coaches, fans, parents, grandparents, siblings, and volunteers for another awesome season of Wise County Youth Basketball. See you next year!


Please remember these are just KIDS learning not only the game of basketball, but how to be a part of a team and how to behave in life. We, as parents, fans, and coaches, teach and influence by our actions - good or bad. Please be encouraging and positive to ALL those who are involved - parents, fans, coaches, players, and referees. Specifically regarding referees, there should be NO negative communication/interaction with referees. Remember that in addition to teaching kids how to play the game of basketball, this league is also a learning opportunity for high school students who want to learn how to officiate (and earn some money).  And for many of these student referees, all it takes is one coach, fan, or parent without a proper perspective to discourage these student referees from continuing to learn and grow.

Please remember that winning or losing a youth basketball game does not define the rest of our lives, even if that win or loss comes from a mistake made by a coach, scorekeeper, or referee. I encourage you to take time to thank our referees after each game -- encourage them, help them develop a love for officiating -- because without adults and students willing to referee our games, this league would not be possible.


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 2015-2016 WCYB 1st-4th Grade Rules

2015-2016 WCYB 5th-6th Grade Rules