Wildcat Sports Club: Lady Wildcat Team Announced

Saturday, June 4
Lady Wildcat Competitive Girls Basketball
The Old Kentucky Home coaching staff has evaluated each player’s basketball skills, athletic ability, physical condition, attitude, aggressiveness, and most importantly each players grades and have selected the following players to each team listed below. The “A” Team will consist of 7th & 8th Graders. 
  1. Brooklyn Greer
  2. Lakin Walls
  3. Abby Rogers
  4. Morgan Cheatham
  5. Kira Harman
  6. Beth Simpson
  7. Hope Spalding
  8. Allison Snellen
  9. Avery Krupp
  10. Courtney Nichols
  11. Kelsie Houston
  12. Emily Hall
 The “B” Team will consist of 6th & 7th Graders. 
  1. Morgan Cheatham
  2. Kira Harman
  3. Marly Walls
  4. Abby Rogers
  5. Reagan Pettit
  6. Mia Tardy
  7. Allysa Downs
  8. Alyaha Drake
  9. Alexis Devers
  10. Paula Marie Gagne
  11. Brianna Wright

The coaching staff has selected the following twelve players to participate on the 6th grade competitive team.  While twelve is more than we anticipated selecting and may at times be difficult to play everyone, the coaches feel that with thirty games we can find playing opportunity for twelve players; and, if these players continue to work hard at practice, as they did at tryouts, that coaches can help improve their basketball skills.   We will be conducting 6th grade practice, at least in the beginning, as a separate group so these players will have opportunity to improve their skills and catch up to competitive level.   The following 12 players have been selected. 

The “6th Grade Team.                                                  

  1. Marly Walls
  2. Alyssa Downs
  3. Janet Newton
  4. Megan Breeding
  5. Ellen Hutchins
  6. Gracie Fredrick
  7. Abby Godby
  8. Alex Barlow
  9. Caroline Middleton
  10. Lauren Carroll
  11. Sarah Foster
  12. Bryleigh Schmidt
Playing time and each player’s role on the team will be based on effort, skill, team play, practice habits, attitude, and performance.    Playing time will not be a guarantee to any player on the Wildcat Team.   Some players will not participate as much as other players and in some games a team member may not play at all. As a coaching staff we believe there are many rewards that come from being part of a team.  They include the improvement that comes from every day effort, the great friendships made and the lessons learned competing.  In the long-term these benefits far out weigh the game time played.  Success is earned through commitment and team play.  Every player will have a role on the team that will be specifically spelled out to her.  No role is less important than another.  The success of our team as a whole, and the success of every player as an individual on the team, will be based on how well each player performs their specific role.