West Side Slam: Welcome

Tuesday, October 28
West Side Slam Volleyball Club

 PARENT MEETING:  Tuesday, November 4.  7:00 p.m. @ West De Pere High School Commons


Club director: Dennis Eggener (Ph: 920-309-2518)

E-mail:  WestSideSlam@aol.com

Coaches:  Jim Buchberger, Duane Campbell, Payton Campbell, Kayla Eggener, Joe Zeamer, Andrea Federman

 SECOND TRYOUT FOR 16/17S - Sunday, November 23, 2014 FROM NOON-3:00 AT WEST DE PERE MIDDLE SCHOOL (to fill remaining spots)

              - 15s TEAM IS FULL.  Our plan is to have a combined 16/17s team.  HOWEVER,

                                               There is a possibility of this being 16s based on turnout Sunday.


       AGE DEFINITIONS:  (NOTE:  waivers available for those born within a month of the cutoff and in grade listed)

               Can also find this on www.badgervolleyball.org

        13 and under = 9/1/2001 - 8/31/2002  (7th grade)

        14 and under - 9/1/2000 - 8/31/2001  (8th grade)

        15 and under - 9/1/1999 - 8/31/2000  (9th grade)

        16 and under - 9/1/1998 - 8/31/1999 (10th grade) - NOTE:  10th/11th grades will play on 17s team

        17 and under - 9/1/1997 - 8/31/1998  (11th grade) - NOTE:  10th/11th grades will paly on 17s team


Planned 2014-5 Teams: Girls 13s, 14s, 15s, 16/17s. Also, Youth Instruction Group (12 and under)

Fees:  Tournament team fees are $375.  Youth Instruction Group is $100.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  All participants (club directors, coaches, players) must register themselves through the Badger Region Volleyball site before they can participate in tryouts, practices, etc.  Please do this ASAP.

Website for registration is:  http://www.badgervolleyball.org/  Please read the information on the home page.  There is a link on the left titled 2014-2015 Registration which will take you through the registration process.  Initially you just need a $10 tryout membership.  Digital signatures are completed using drivers license # for the parents.  You can pay via credit card during the on line registration or you can send a check with an additional $5 fee.  Be sure to print out your membership card after registering.  Also print the medical release form, player information sheet and consussion form and bring these completed form with to tryouts.  You can NOT tryout without these forms.  West Side Slam coaches will be reimbursed for the registration and background fees by the club.


Tryouts - West De Pere Middle School (Must bring membership card - from registration) Also bring player information sheet, medical release form and concussion form.  These are found at http://www.badgerregionvolleyball.org/ under Forms - Junior Member Forms.  $10 club fee to tryout (this is in addition to registration fee).

          Sunday, October 5 (Noon - 3) Ages 13s and 14s @ West De Pere middle school

          Sunday, October 12  (Noon - 3) Second tryout - CANCELLED  Team filled!!

          NOTE CHANGE::  Saturday, November 15  (Noon - 3)  Ages 15s and 16s/17s @ West De Pere middle school

          Sunday, November 23 (Noon - 3)  Tryouts - all ages (to fill vacancy on teams)

Youth Instruction Group - no tryout - please send an e-mail to WestSideSlam@aol.com with Subject:  Youth Instruction Group Sign-Up if interested.  Include player name, birth date and school.  Intended for 12s (6th grade) and under  interested in learning volleyball skills.



 NOTE:  All tournament teams (NOT youth instruction group) will practice Sunday, November 30 at Hemlock Creek Elementary School from 11:00 - 2:00.  There will also be a parent meeting and fees will be due.

Sundays (first practice December 7, 2014 - end of March, 2015 dependent on playing schedule)

               11:00 - 2:00 teams at Hemlock Creek Elementary School (15s and 16/17s)

               11:15 - 2:15 teams at Westwood Elementary School  (13s and 14s)

Saturdays  (skills practice December 6, 2014 - end of March, 2015 dependent on playing schedule)

                8:00 - 9:45 (tournament teams players) at Westwood Elementary School, West De Pere School District

                9:45 - 10:45 (Youth Instruction Group) at Westwood Elementary School, West De Pere School District
                                       West De Pere School District

            Hemlock Creek Elementary School, 1900 Williams Grant Drive, West De Pere, WI  54115

            Westwood Elementary School, 1155 Westwood Street, West De Pere, WI  54115

Please bring a water bottle. Wear appropriate clothing (T-shirt, shorts or volleyball shorts, athletic shoes). Knee pads are required.

Thank yous...

Mr. Scott Eggart-  thank you so much for your support of our club.  Without you we'd be a club without a home.   Thanks to Ms. Patti Strebel.

Mr. Don Roffers-  the founder and heart of West Side Slam.  You've done a fantastic thing for young ladies.  Not only do they get to play a sport they love, VOLLEYBALL, but they also get to make lasting relationships.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.