West Sacramento Little League: FAQ's

1. How much are West Sacramento Little League Registration Fees?

 All Divisions are $125.00 for 1st player and $105 for additional sibling. 

2. What do the fees include?
Each player receives a jersey, ball cap and a Memory Mate photo package.  Registration also provides for the use of the League's equipment and facilities.

3. What does my child need to play?
Your son or daughter will need a glove and cleats.  You will also need to purchase pants, socks and a belt once the team has decided on the colors.  Please contact a league official if you are unable to provide the materials needed.

4. What about the work deposit ?
The league is made up of volunteers.  The snack bar is the main source of revenue for the league and it is how the fees are kept low. West Sacramento LL currently has some of the lowest registration fees in the area, and some of the nicest fields in the District.  The snack bar is only successful when parents volunteer.  The League currently does not have a work deposit, but still expects parents to step up to the plate and volunteer.  This is an opportunity for your child to play America's favorite pastime, and in order to give them the best experience, Volunteer.  Snack Bar, Scorekeeping, Coaching.  It is FUN.

5. What do I need to bring to registration ?
At the time you register your son or daughter you will need to provide three (3) proof of residency (ie. Utility Bill, Phone Bill, Correspondence) and a copy of your sons or daughers birth certificates.
6. I understand there are boundries for Little League, where does the boundry for West Sacramento start and end ?
The boundry for West Sacramento Little League is bordered by the causeway to the West, West Capitol Ave to the North, The Sacramento River to the East and Clarksburg to the South.. Please see the boundry map in the HANDOUT section of the website. 

7. What else do I bring to registration?
Please see the Handout section of the website we will post Applications there as well as Volunteer Applications. If your a potential Manager or Coach, Please bring a copy of your drivers license and fill out the Application at registration.

8. What happens after registration ?
 This time of year is really hectic for the board as we are taking all those applications and deciding how many teams we need to have in each particular division. We are also planning the try-out phase of registration for all divisions. You will be contacted by your Manager as soon as the teams are finalized and he will schedule the first meeting to bring his team together. 

9. What about Try-outs ?
West Sacramento Little League recommends that all players attend try-out except for T-Ball and returning Major division. Please check the website for the Tryout Schedule. Please be prompt, as we start on time with youngest first. It is very important to have everyone try-out as it gives the chance for all mangers to see existing and new players before the draft.

10. ok, So what happens now, after I met my team ?
A whole lot of fun !!! You should be seeing some of the following things happening

A. You have met your team.
B. You have your schedules (Practice and Games)
C. You have begun the fundraiser for you team.
D. Your team has decided on pant/sock/belts colors.
E. Ideas for the parade float are swirling
F. Opening Day ( Pictures, Parade, 1st game)