West Hills Mud Dogs: Welcome

Mud Dogs

 We are an 11 & under baseball team from West Hills

There's no doubt about it - all these kids have skills

I must admit, a little Zany

But here we go Alphabetically

In left field, starting with Carson

Just as good as Don Larson

Another on our team is Parker

When not at short, he's our pitcher

At second, there's Josh

Here comes the ball, oh my gosh

Outfield there's Christian

Just hitting balls with his Easton

Outfield and pitching, is Ryan

This kid is great, and I'm not lying

Right field sports Marc

Just playing baseball, till it gets dark

Third base is Jesus

Not a week goes by, he doesn't miss practice

On first or as pitcher, there's Alex

And awww all the outs

At catcher or outfield, is Devon

He's great at either, that's for certain

Outfield or catcher is Max

When it comes to a baseball, this kid attacks

Another first baseman, we have James

I can do the splits, he exclaims

And last but not least, at pitching and catching, is Eric

This kid gets the ball there - and quick

These are our kids - we're proud of them all

Just doing what they love - getting muddy and playing BASEBALL...