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Thursday, December 2
Carroll County Public Schools - Inclement Weather Procedures

Snow Emergency Plan

Remember if the snow emergency plan is in effect at any time during the day of a match the schools will be closed. The number to check with the State Police is 410-386-3000.

You can also check to see if the snow emergency plan is in effect by going to this website: http://www.chart.state.md.us/StormInfo/snow_emergency_plans.asp

Reminder: If a snow emergency plan is in effect for our area, all wrestling events will be cancelled.

→ In the event of school closures for inclement weather all evening events are cancelled.
→ In the event of an early dismissal for inclement weather all events are cancelled.
→ In the event of a late opening for inclement we there is no effect on a scheduled event.  If inclement weather hits after school is dismissed, it is up to the users to determine the cancellation of the event.
→ If an event is under way and bad weather hits, it is the responsibility of the users to determine if the conditions warrant cancellation of the event.
→ If the event is underway and the Snow Emergency Plan is initiated the event should be cancelled ASAP.
 All activities scheduled for weekends and/or holidays shall be canceled if the snow emergency plan is in effect at anytime the day of or still in effect at 6:00 p.m. the day prior to the scheduled event.  Unless required for school-based activities, snow removal should not be expected and appropriate precautions taken by users. 

Thursday, October 1
Age Weight Matrix

Monday, November 2

* Please arrive on time to wrestling matches and practices.

* Come ready to wrestle: hydrated, head-gear, wrestling shoes, singlet, purple shorts, warm-ups, team shirt, and hoodie.  (Put your name on your headgear).

* Drink lots of water and don't be tempted by the yummy treats at the concession stand.  You can eat those after the match.

* Make sure your fingernails are clipped.  The refs will check them.

* During a dual meet you must sit with the team until the entire dual meet is completed.

* After all home meets no one is permitted to leave until the gym is cleaned up.

* Take a shower after all matches and practices.  You can get a lot of germs from those mats or from your opponent.

* It is very important that you contact your coach if you will not be at any of your wrestling matches or practices.

* Be respectful to your teammates and opponents.


* Most of all, HAVE FUN!!! 


Taking Care of Your Uniforms
TIPs for taking care of your Warriors Uniforms:
*Wrestlers, when you take off that hoodie, put it in your bag!! Mom and dad, be aware that your son or daughter is responsible for their particular singlet and sweatshirt. Yes, they are numbererd! Look inside and write down the numbers. Make sure that the one you pick up is yours.
*The screen printing on the sweatshirts will stay nicer if it is dried inside out (high heat is fine for these). Wash and dry the singlet the way you do those nice Adidas silky shorts - cool water, mild detergent, inside out, low heat/drip dry. Let's keep our Warriors gear in great condition!

Monday, August 14
****** Wrestling Gear *******


Wrestling Mart



Victory sports supplies

Thursday, October 1
Protect your Athletes from Skin Infections and Swine Flu

An Important Message from the NWCA and Hibiclens:

Coaches and Athletic Trainers, as you prepare for another wrestling season, please consider the importance of protecting your wrestlers (and athletes in other sports for that matter) from the potentially tragic consequences of skin infection and swine flu. Hibiclens, a common product used in surgical scrub rooms, contains the active ingredient (CHG) which has a 6 hour “kill time” on the skin. Few, if any products are as effective in “killing” the common organisms that cause herpes, staph, MRSA and H1N1 (swine flu). For SKIN CLEANSING when you can’t get to a sink, you might also consider Hibistat.
If you haven’t already done so, click here to order your year’s supply of Hibiclens or Hibistat now:
Thank you for your consideration of taking a proactive approach to keeping your wrestlers safe.
Good luck with your upcoming seasons, The NWCA Board of Directors

For more information please see attached PDF and visit the Hibiclens Resource Center by clicking here

To download educational handouts on prevention click here

Monday, September 16
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