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Please print and mail completed forms and payment, see below for more registration details.
Tuesday, March 18
Waialua Little League Baseball and Softball

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  • Uniforms/Booster Shirts: Uniforms are being printed. See the following links to see your teams jersey.  On the front of most shirts will say "Waialua Little League" with the sugar mill on the front and team name on the back.
    50/70 (Cotton Only)
    (Cotton Only)
    Coach Pitch
    (Cotton Only)
    Tee Ball
    (Cotton Only)
    Booster Shirts (Dri-Fit Only)
    Cotton booster shirts $10 and colors are available to match team.
    Dri-Fit shirts avaiable only in Black/White or Red/Grey is $10. See team parent if interested.
    If you want to match your team, order the cotton shirts.
    Please allow 2 weeks for deliver from the time of order.
  • Waialua Little League has renewed their partnership with Positive Coaching Alliance. All managers, coaches, team parents will be required to complete the PCA online training. Starting Jan 8, Umpires will be required to take the officials PCA online training, more info to follow.  All training must be completed prior to January 31.  PCA POC: Harold Agricula, 349-5876.
  • Determine League Age
  • REGISTER NOW, for the April-June season!!! Download and mail registration forms and payment, see below for which forms that are needed; or register online for 2015 Baseball and Softball: POC: WaialuaLL@gmail.com or call Burt at 808-366-9995
  • Please follow park rules. Download flyer: Puuiki Park Rules
  • Waialua Little League Mission and Vision Statement
  • For upcoming events check our website calendar or Facebook www.facebook.com/WaialuaLittleLeagueInc

2014 Little League Season

Practices begin in January

You may still register your player by either clicking the link below (and pay an additional $10.00 annual fee plus processing fee) or by mail with no service fee. Just download the player application and medical release form from the handout section of this web site. Fill out both forms completely and send it in with a check to;

WLL PO Box 803 Waialua HI, 96791

(check payable to Waialua Little League) 

any questions call:

Burt at 366-9995

Registration Fees:

T -Ball (ages: 4/5/6) $100 (Jan - May)

Coach Pitch (ages: 7/8) $100 (Jan – May)

Minor (ages: 9/10/11/12) $120 (Jan-Mar, Reg Season; Mar–May, Ext. Season)

Softball (ages: 7/8/9/10/11/12) $100 (Mar–May, Reg Season) 

Majors (ages: 10/11/12) $140 (Mar–May, Reg. Season)

Intermediate, 50/70 (ages: 11/12/13) $120 (Jan-Mar)

Juniors & Seniors (ages: 13-16) Apr - Jun only $140

Please note:

Register early, fees increased as of December 1, 2014

TBall, Coach Pitch, Minors: Jan - Mar, regular season (All-Star eligible season)
TBall, Coach Pitch, Minors: April - May, extended season
Softball: April-Jun, regular season
Majors: March - May, regular season
Intermediate (50/70): Jan-Mar
Juniors/Seniors: April - June, regular season

Player must be 4 - 16 years old on April 30, 2015 to be eligible to register for baseball and Jan 1, 2015 for Softball.  Registrants MUST bring original birth certificate and proof of residency to register. Only Parent or LEGAL Guardian may register a child.

Click Here to Register Now! 

PRINT FORMS from our "HANDOUTS" section
including the Registration Form, Medical Release Form & Code of Conduct Agreement.
Provide a Certified Copy of Birth Certificate & Proof of Residency
and mail with your payment to
Waialua Little League - PO Box 803 - Waialua - 96791
 - - - - - - -

All players must be registered to play for the 2015 season.

The more helping hands, the better!

 What you’ll need when you register:  
  • Player must be 4 to 16 years old on April 30, 2014 to be eligible to register for baseball.
  • Softball players must be 4 to 16 years old on December 31, 2013 to register for softball. 
  • At least one (1) parent or legal guardian must be present & sign forms.
  • Original or certified copy of birth certificate & proof of residency.
  • Fees must be paid at the time of registration (personal/cashier check or cash only).

email questions to:   WaialuaLL@gmail.com or call Burt at 808-366-9995 

Let’s Play Ball! 

Our league is GROWING!!! We are looking to add a 50/70 team and more softball teams at all levels!

Mahalo to all our volunteers for their time and enthusiasm.  Waialua Little League is thriving because of your efforts.  




We support the strategies of PCA and are committed to providing a positive experience for our youth in the Wahiawa, Schofield, Wheeler, Waialua, Haleiwa, and Sunset Beach communities. 


We look forward to your continued support!
Lots of Volunteer Opportunities in 2015:  various coaching positions, team moms, field and equipment maintenance, concession, fundraising, etc.  Go to the links tab (VolunteerApp15) to fill in and print a volunteer application.   Bring the completed form and a copy of a valid State identification when you come to register or mail to:

 Waialua Little League, P.O. Box 803, Waialua, HI 96791





 Contact us at:

Waialua Little League
PO Box 803
Waialua, HI 96791
Email: WaialuaLL@gmail.com 

Jina Ho-Waller, President

Waialua Little League 2015 

Frequently Asked Questions

Note: Each team has the option of creating a team website by selecting the build a web site at the bottom of this page. 

Thursday, October 16
Waialua Little League Register for 2015 Season Now!

Registrants MUST bring original birth certificate and proof of residency to register. Only Parent or LEGAL Guardian may register a child. For 2015 season, league age is based on age of player on April 30, 2015.

 See Registration Flyer for detail.

Thursday, September 25
2015 Board of Directors

General membership of the Waialua Little League, Inc., voted a new Board of Directors. The new Board is as follows:

President: Jina Ho-Waller 

Safety Officer: Levi Christenson, Sr.


Treasurer: Burt Sutherland

Player Agent Burt Sutherland: 

Coach Coordinator: Harold Agricula

Umpire Coordinator: Chris Dobecki

Wahiawa Coordinator: Kawika Bell

Softball Coordinator: Jaime Smith

Information Officer: Jina Ho-Waller

Fundraising/Concession: Shasta Harrison 

Equipment Manager: Gary Wirtz

Secretary: Vacant


Welcome aboard and good luck on the upcoming year.

Tuesday, October 1
New 2014 Board of Directors

General membership of the Waialua Little League, Inc., voted a new Board of Directors. The new Board is as follows:

President: Veronica Mock

Vice President: Levi Christenson, Sr.

Secretary: Mike Coker

Treasurer: Burt Sutherland

Player Agent: Natalie Kekahuna

Safety Officer: Joe Roland

Coach Coordinator: Ed Delamarter

Umpire Coordinator: Jina Ho-Waller

Information Officer: Jina Ho-Waller

Fundraising: Frank Muniz 

Equipment Manager: Gary Wirtz

Member-At-Large Chris Dobecki



Welcome aboard and good luck on the upcoming year.

Sunday, September 15
Waialua Little League, Inc.

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