West Yorba Linda Little League: Welcome

West Yorba Linda Little League is one of three LL clubs in Yorba Linda, CA. All of our games are played at the beautiful Veterans Sports Complex.

Tuesday, August 5
Fall Ball Information

Players will be notified by the end of August. If you are interested in Managing a Fall Ball Team, please contact Brian Gladue, briangladue4wylll@gmail.com for information. Season starts Sunday, September 7. Have fun!!

Tuesday, August 5
Spring Registration

Details to follow in November with on-line registration starting. First in-person registration date scheduled in December. If you have any questions, please e-mail Mike Norys, President @ mikenoryswylll@gmail.com.

Tuesday, July 8
1st Annual Logan Wells Golf Tournament

On Friday September 5th at Black Gold Golf Course will be the 1st Annual Logan Wells Golf Tournament.  Logan was a fellow West Yorba Linda Little Leaguer, skateboarder and a close friend to many of us in the community.  We are reaching out to you all in hopes you can participate in this amazing fundraising event, whether it be as a golfer, sponsor, dinner guest or simply donating an item to the raffle or auction.  Anything you can do to help benefit this great cause will be greatly appreciated.
Shotgun @ 12:00pm.
If you are interested more in this event or need more information, please contact Perry Daskas at perry.daskas@afaclaims.com or call at 714-305-3425 or you can email Bob Burch at bakburch3@yahoo.com.


Please see our handouts section or click on handout right below for 2014 FALL BALL SEASON info!
Walk in Sign ups this Saturday, July 12th from 10am to 1pm @ WYL Lamppost Pizza. Mail in DUE by July, 22nd.
Also, like us on Facebook
for the latest league information.


Not sure which league you are eligible for? Click here for our online boundary checker.

Wrong Call Blue!

"Oh man, another bad call just cost us the game"...."Hey Blue, you need to borrow my glasses?"...."Hey Blue, what game are you watching?" But the real question is...."So, you think you can do a better job than the umpires on the field?" Click on the active link in the title and take the Umpire Quiz. Then click on Quiz Generator. This quiz is fun and will either confirm or deny whether you're truly an expert on the rules of the game. Don't forget, the pressure is on you, if you miss just one question, it could be the difference between winning and losing? Or does it?

Rain Rule

Schools - no practice within 48 hours of "measurable" rain. Failure to obey can cost us the use of the school. Veterans Park - usually 24 hours after "measurable" rain, but call the Hotline 714-502-2315 after 3pm.

Field Conditions

To find out about Field Conditions, call our hotline after 3pm at 502-2315. The hotline will ONLY be updated when fields are CLOSED.