West Yorba Linda Little League: Welcome

West Yorba Linda Little League is one of three LL clubs in Yorba Linda, CA. All of our games are played at the beautiful Veterans Sports Complex.

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All Game Schedules can be found in our handouts section!
Please join us for our upcoming "special events"!
YL Chili's Fundraiser Tuesday, March 25th - Wednesday, March 26th 11am-10pm
 Titan Night, Friday, April 25th @ Cal State Fullerton
"7th Inning Stretch" Casino Night, Friday, May 2nd @ Yorba Linda Community Center
Little League Angel Day, Sunday, May 18th @ Angel Stadium
*Contact your Team Parent for more information and for purchasing tickets to the above events!! 
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Thursday, November 3
Updated Bat Rule Changes for AAA, Majors, & Juniors Divisions for the 2012 Season

Please click on "Updated Bat Rule....." link above regarding Little League Bat Rule Changes for the 2012 Season.  We will have a Board Member checking bats and should have stickers on hand to approve player's bats during our upcoming registration .

See newest info. at link below:


Monday, November 19

Big League
Starts in May with traveling to other districts for games on Sundays and All Stars at the end of the season. Interested Big League players may sign up with your own Little Leagues. 

Challenger Baseball Registration


Field Conditions

To find out about Field Conditions, call our hotline after 3pm at 502-2315. The hotline will ONLY be updated when fields are CLOSED.

Wrong Call Blue!

"Oh man, another bad call just cost us the game"...."Hey Blue, you need to borrow my glasses?"...."Hey Blue, what game are you watching?" But the real question is...."So, you think you can do a better job than the umpires on the field?" Click on the active link in the title and take the Umpire Quiz. Then click on Quiz Generator. This quiz is fun and will either confirm or deny whether you're truly an expert on the rules of the game. Don't forget, the pressure is on you, if you miss just one question, it could be the difference between winning and losing? Or does it?

Rain Rule

Schools - no practice within 48 hours of "measurable" rain. Failure to obey can cost us the use of the school. Veterans Park - usually 24 hours after "measurable" rain, but call the Hotline 714-502-2315 after 3pm.

Web Help

If you are a manager/team rep, you can receive a User ID to edit/maintain your team page. Add info, team roster, practice schedule, etc.