Winston Salem Grayhounds: Volunteers


Please check out the volunteer opportunities listed below and see how you can help us out this 2013 season. It takes a lot of volunteer hours to keep this organization running and we appreciate everyone's time! Please select at least one area in which you can help.

Team Parents

Team Parents are the Communication Directors for each team between the organization, coaches, and parents. They make phone calls, hand out flyers and are available practice nights to help distribute information. They also provide and end of game drinks and food for football players and cheerleaders. They do concession stand and other tasks assigned by coach or board. These are very important roles and can be shared with other parents on the team. Please call or e-mail the head coach of the team, or any Board Member, if interested in helping out with this important duty. We need at least one team parent for every squad. Contact Grayhounds Board

Medical Team/First Responders

The Grayhound Organzation really appreciate the Medical Team, and we like to say THANK YOU!!!! for the 2012 season, and hope they will be back for the 2009 season. The Grayhounds need more volunteers in the medical field such as Certified RN & EMS. Any question please contact any Board Member.
Concession Workers

We always need help in the Concession Stand. We keep the Concession Stand open during practice, it closes after practice is over so we can get cleaned up. After the first few weeks of practice parent volunteers will be assigned to work along with regular schedule concession workers. All board members, who are not assigned specific practice duties, work in the Concession Stand at least one practice night and during home games. This is a fun job and is greatly appreciated. Please e-mail or call Daisy Lineberger or any member of the Grayhounds Board, if you are willing to help. If you can only work sometimes, that is okay -- we need you!

Field Maintenance

This involves mowing the field, painting the field for home games, fertlizing the field and other field duties. We also need help setting up the field early Saturday mornings and taking it down late Saturday afternoons.
We also need those willing to donate time and materials for general repairs and maintenance. Contact a Board member if you can assist.


We need help in fundraising NOW! We need creative fundraising ideas from our members. Please feel free to contact the Board with fundraising ideas. Most team travel for regionals, nationals, etc is subsidized by our fundraising efforts.

Chain Crew

We need at least three coaches of each football team work the chains after their game. The Head coach of each team will provide three of his staff to work the Chain crew and remain neutral during the games, as they are part of the officiating crew. This is just for home games. If you would like to volunteer to do one game each home game or just do it occasionally it would be appreciated.

Assistant Coaches

If you would like to help coach a team, we will forward your name to the head team coach, who selects their assistant coaches. Each team has a minimum and maximum number of coaches dependent upon squad size.

Any question Contact The grayhounds Organzation at