Winston Salem Grayhounds: Practices

Saturday, July 21
PRACTICE STARTS: July 30,12 6-8pm

Our normal practice schedule is three nights a week - Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Practice time is usually 6:00-8:00 PM, however this may change later in the season due to darkness and other reasons. Your coach will inform you of any changes in practice. The official practice for the season begins Mon July 30, 12.

We invite you to stay and observe practice but please respect the coaches and sit a discreet distance away and do not disturb them during practice time. If you must leave your child during practice, please make sure that another adult at the field is responsible for your child in case of illness, injury or sudden weather changes. Practice may end early sometimes. You must pick your child up from practice on time. Please be considerate of other's time as the coach or director can not leave until all participants have been picked up.

All practices are held at Griffith Elementary School unless you receive notification otherwise.

Rain Policy

We do practice in the rain. We will not practice if there is lightning. A representative will contact you if practice is cancelled, it maybe raining at your house but not at the field. Cheerleader's practice may be cancelled or moved indoors. Your coach should inform you if this happens.

Heavy/Light Practice

For Tackle Football Players Only: Once the season starts we are only allowed to have two heavy football practices in the weeks we have games. Your coach will advise you which night is your light practice night. They may be different among the football squads.

Heavy Practice: All pads, helmet & equipment.

Light Practice: Helmet, Shirts & shorts/pants only (NO PADS).

Concession Stand

Our Concession Stand is open during practice to serve you. We normally open when practice starts. You will be scheduled a concession shift by your team parent however, we invite you to come help us out anytime - you can even sign up to help us on a regular basis. So come on out and visit the Concession Stand - all profits go to reduce organzation expenses.


Please help keep our field and grounds free of litter. Please pick up any trash you see on the ground and place in a trash container.