West Rowan High School Athletics Boosters: Welcome

WRHS Athletic Boosters 2014-2015
Mission Statement:
To  help our students excel in the athletics and academic programs at West Rowan High School. The more successful they are, the more successful we are! The recognition our students get through athletic and academic success can provide an opportunity for someone to see out students.
How Can We do This?
We can do this with Your Support! We have to be involved in our children's lives and in every sport that this school offers.  We need at least 1-2 parents from each sport to be involved with the Booster club in order for us to be successful! You can make a difference by giving your time ! Your time is our most valuable asset and we cannot succeed without you! Please take time to help us staff our concession stands or become an active member of the Booster club.
Seeking Members! The booster club is seeking new members who wish to help support all of the sports!! Become a member of the Booster club today and be part of an organization that supports all the sports at West Rowan High School! Your time is a valuable asset to the school and the students.
2014/2015 Officers:
President – Bill Owens
Vice President – Tim Hamilton
Secretary – Shana Harrison 704-213-3939
Treasurer – Open
2014/2015  Directors: (contact information)
Bill Owens william.j.owens@wellsfargo.com 704-639-9837
Tim Hamilton  timmham@carolina.rr.com 704-798-4856
Shana Harrison shana50@bellsouth.net 704-213-3939
Charles Humphrey rustynailcrh@aol.com 704-641-0206
Lee Teeter ldtgja@aol.com 704-267-4638
Walter Teeter waltert@republicrefigeration.com 704-236-7980
Volunteer Opportunities: Help to staff our concession stands!
It takes up to 20 people to work the concession stands for 1 football game? Donate 1 night of your time to help us succeed in supporting all of the sports!

Please see the timeline for volunteers below.

We are in need of 15 to 20 volunteers to ensure that we can staff the concession stands during the game.  Your time and support are the heart of our success!!

I can promise you that we will never have too many volunteers and that You, our volunteers are our “Most Valuable Asset”!!

Timeline for Friday’s game below.

·         2:45 – Hot dogs start cooking Need 5 – 6 volunteers

·         3:00 – Making of hot dogs and wrapping  Need 5 – 6 volunteers

·         4:00 – Place banners and misting fans on the track (good opportunity for husbands and strong young men and women)

·         5:00 – Pizza arrives and we wrap and store (Need 6 – 8 Volunteers)

·         5:00 – 5:30 arrive at the main concession (Need  15 - 20 adult volunteers)

·         5:30 – assigned to the stand that you will be working

·         6:00 – around this time the concession stands will open and will remain open until the end of the game

·         At the end of the game we will need help in closing the stands, cleaning of utensils, etc.  The more help we have the quicker we can get back home to a nice night of rest!

·         Removal of banners from the track back into the building (good opportunity for husbands and strong young men and women)

Please contact Bill Owens to sign up!!

Bill Owens william.j.owens@wellsfargo.com 704-639-9837

We need your time and talents!!  In advance thank you for everything you do to support WRHS Sports!

2014  Football Schedule (Blue are home games)
August 15 – Scrimmage
August 22 vs Mooresville
August 29 @ Davie
September 5 vs Salisbury
September 19 @ NW Cabarrus
September 26 @ South Rowan
October 3 vs Carson
October 10 vs Central Cabarrus
October 17 vs East Rowan
October 24 @ Concord
October 31 @ Cox Mill
November 7 vs Hickory Ridge 
NOTE: ALL sports schedules will be updated as soon as we receive them.
Also please feel free to send any sporting related pictures or information to myself or Jeanne Ball ( jjball5150@yahoo.com ) so that we can add them to our Facebook Page. Please note that in order to be fair and promote businesses who financially support the school we will only place advertisements on our Website and Facebook pages those businesses .


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