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Whitestown Post 1113 American Legion Baseball
Whitestown Post 1113 American Legion Baseball:Senior News  
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03-31-15 07:55 PM
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Latest News
Whitestown Post 1113 American Legion Baseball News

Inside the Numbers
Inside the Numbers
Listed below are some interesting "making it to college baseball and the pros" probability figures from the NCAA. These make good food for thought for student-athletes that are more interested in sports than the classroom.
  • Less than six in 100 (5.6%) of high school senior baseball players will go on to play NCAA baseball.
  • Less than eleven in 100 (10.5%) of NCAA senior baseball players will get drafted by a Major League Baseball (MLB) team. 
  • Approximately one in 200 (0.5%) of high school senior baseball players will eventually be drafted by a MLB team.
Click on the 'Inside the Numbers' logo or headline above to be directed to the probablity tables of the NCAA provided on the High School Baseball Website.

Award Plaque
Tuesday, December 30
2014 Awards Banquet
Fan-of-the-Year: Mark & Betsy Parkinson
Rookie-of-the-Year: Jack Acquaviva
Most Underrated Player: Justin White
Most Improved Player: Alex Brown
10th Man Award: Nick Casper
Gold Glove Award: Mike Jardieu
Silver Slugger Award: Matt Yozzo
Cy Young Award: Kevin Flynn
Most Valuable Player: Jared Muraca
John J. and Estelle Lewek Memorial Achievement Award: Alex Brown
Daniel LaGasse Memorial Scholarship Award: Mike Jardieu
Zachary Hunter Memorial Scholarship Award: Jared Muraca

Big Spinning Ball
Tuesday, December 30
Annual Awards Banquet - "Big Mac" Awards
Monopoly Award - Jack Acquaviva
Boilermaker Award - Matt Black
Energizer Bunny Award - Alex Brown
Eskimo Award - Nick Casper
McFly Award - Kevin Flynn
Church Usher Award - Ty Gnatek
Doubleday Award - Justin Hoffman
Bowling Award - Ryan Humphrey
Lumberjack Award - Mike Jardieu
Gopher Award - Ryan McAndrew
Catcall Award - Jared Muraca
Flash Cards Award - Matt Parkinson
DMV Award - Steven Schmidt
Desert Island Award - Justin White
Garbage Disposal Award - Griffin Williams
Bullfighter Award - Matt Yozzo

Blue Moon Award - Jake Engelhart
Dirty Rat Award - Chris Flynn
PhD Degree Award - Phil Beck
Alarm Clock Award - John Lewek
Santa Claus Award - Paul Engelhart 

All Stars
Tuesday, August 5
2014 District V All-League Team

Four Whitestown Post 1113 players have been selected to the 2014 District V Senior All-League Team:

Jack Acquaviva
Kevin Flynn
Jared Muraca
Matt Yozzo


(Click on the All-Star logo above for a full list of all players in the league) 

Team Rules
As Easy As Your ABC's...

Always be on time
Be responsible for your actions
Come to the field ready to play
Dugouts will be kept clean at all times
Equipment will not be thrown or abused
Foul language will not be tolerated
Good sportsmanship
Hustle at all times... no slackers allowed
Instill self discipline
Just play the game
Keep your composure
Listen before speaking
Make baseball a priority
No excuses
Obey "Legion Code of Sportsmanship"
Preparation is to be taken seriously
Quality heads-up baseball
Run out all at bats
Stay focused
Turn off cell phones
Uniforms will be clean and worn correctly
Value doing things the right way... not the easy way
Wear only WP 1113 gear
XXX - no drugs/alcohol/tobacco
Your team comes first
Zip your mouth if in doubt

1-1-1-3 Spells Triple Play!
1-1-1-3 Ball
Dennis Spellman, Ryan McQueen, and the 1-1-1-3 Triple Play Ball
On Sunday morning June 18th, 2006 at the SUNY Institute of Technology in an American Legion baseball game between Whitestown Post 1113 and Rayson-Miller Post 899 of Rochester during the Annual Utica Post 229 Father's Day Classic, an extremely unusual triple play was executed by Whitestown Post 1113 in the middle of the game.

Whitestown relief pitcher Dennis Spellman entered the game in the top of the 4th inning with Post 1113 clinging to a 2-1 lead. Spellman quickly gave up back-to-back singles to put runners on the corners with no outs, unexpectedly setting the table for some heroics on the first pitch to the following batter. With both runners breaking on the pitch in an attempted suicide squeeze play, Rayson-Miller left fielder Mike Harvey bunted the ball in the air about ten feet in front of home plate on the third base side. Spellman instinctively took five steps towards the ball and dove for it, incredibly catching it three inches off the ground in the webbing of his glove. Quickly jumping to his feet, Spellman tried to assess the situation and was quickly alerted by Whitestown catcher Dave Ferrone to turn around and tag out the base runner who was attempting to score from third base and was already at the plate. After the easy tag for the second out, Spellman then alertly turned and threw the ball to Whitestown first baseman Ryan McQueen, who touched the bag and forced out the other Rayson-Miller base runner before he could return to first base, thus completing the improbable triple play!

But wait... the quirkiness of the play doesn't end there! If you stop and think a second about the scoring of the play, you'll realize that it exactly matches Whitestown Post's identification number... 1-1-1-3!!! In a game chocked full of numbers, this is quite simply and purely at the leading edge of the incredible. Another instance of the old baseball term, "just when you think you've seen it all!"

Triple Play
Dennis Spellman Jumps to His Feet After His Diving Catch

Waving Flag

Dreams by Van Halen

Whitestown Post 1113 American Legion Baseball
Whitestown Post 1113 American Legion Baseball

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