Angels: Welcome

Sunday, April 22
Let go Angels!

GREAT GAME GUYS! We are looking forward to a great season!

Guys remember the Little League Pledge
I trust in God I love my country and will Respect its laws I will play fair and Strive to win but Win or Lose
I will always do my Best…

Dear: Parents
For weekday games please arrive at the field 30 minutes before game time and weekend games arrive
1 hour before game time.

If you cannot make the game, PLEASE CALL THE Manager or Assistant Manager and let us know.
It is not fair to the kids who are on time waiting and it would be a shame to have to forfiet the game.
Call Luis Baez at 917-560-6273 or Luis Munoz at 347-723-5036

All practices will be @ Pals Oval

We will be updating the site with updated info ASAP.