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Friday, December 9
Jacket orders
Eagle parents-

The cost will be in the $140.00-$150.00 area depending on how you want your jacket personalized. There was quite a bit of  interest, so  I asked for samples of the jackets to be ordered.  I will have a Medium and Large for the boys to try on tomorrow after the game. 

These won't be ready by Christmas, we needed to start earlier. But we should get them shortly after.   I will need a $40.. deposit made out to Sports Locker.    
This is not a mandatory purchase.   I know everyone does not wish to order the varsity jacket.  That is  a personal preference. As a parent,  if my son  was not going to wear it, I would not be ordering one.  I am pasting the link to the team store again if you are interested in anything from there.

The Jackets will not ave the OE letter on the front as we thought it might be nice to have the boys receive the letters at the end of the year.
Please see attached order form

Friday, August 12
Midget Schedules Needed

If you plan on trying out, Jeff would like it if you could send him a quick note letting him know your practice schedule for your Midget team and your last game/practice date so he can schedule practices for this team.

Thursday, October 13
WNY Club Hockey vs Juniors

Rules for Western New York club hockey state that any player that plays any game at the Junior level is NOT eligible to play high school club hockey. All players must play for the organization closest to their home. If someone would like a release to play somewhere else, the Olean Eagles staff would have to cut them in order for this to happen.

Friday, August 12

We have 16 league games and will add 4 non league games against teams from Erie.

We are also entered in the high school Christmas tournament as we had to commit to that last spring or not be in.

 If you want a schedule please shoot us an e-mail (oleaneagles@roadrunner.com) and we will get you one.

Friday, August 12
Registration Fee
2011-2012 season costs, will be right around $750.

Please also keep in mind that there will most likely be admissions fees at all the High School games. 

Part of the costs pay the referees, a trainer and Security. 

Attached to the schedule that Jeff handed out is a list showing our league fees and dues.

 Do NOT register with USA hockey, as we are an AAU team and players will need to register with AAU.