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Sunday, November 18
Volunteers Needed!
Volunteers are needed for all games.  We need people to work the entrance gate collecting money, scoresheet keepers and time keepers.  I am also looking for a volunteer to do +/- scoring for our games so I can update the team stats.  Please see me to sign up for these jobs.  Remember, the hours you spend working at our games can be used towards your St. Mary's volunteer hour requirements.

Sunday, November 18
League December Lottery tickets are available
The League Daily Draw lottery tickets are now availble.  Please see me to purchase your ticket.  The team is required to sell these, so tickets not purchased will come out of  team funds.  Please see me for your tickets!

Sunday, November 18
Check the site Calendar!

Check the site calendar for game and practice listings.  All have been recently updated.



Sunday, November 18
Player Payments are Due!!

Updateed invoices were sent home last Tuesday.  Please turn in your payments by 11/30/08 so I can ensure all our payments are up to date.  Thank you!

Friday, January 18
Upcoming Events

Please put the following dates on your calendar:

2/2 Varsity Senior Recognition Game vs. Olean- come out and wish the seniors well!

2/8  End of the Season Awards Breakfast at Kiebzak's