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Olean Eagles Schedule 2009-2010 November: Sunday 15th 11:30 am VS. City Honors in Olean Sunday 22nd 3:00 pm VS. Jamestown at Jamestown Sunday 29th 2:30 pm VS. Williamsville North at Pepsi Center December: Sunday 6th 11:30 am VS. Grand Island in Olean Sunday 13th 11:30 am VS. Jamestown in Olean Sunday 20th 11:30 am VS. St. Joes in Olean Sunday 27th 4:00 pm VS. Lancaster at Depew Wednesday 30th 7:00 pm VS. Dunkirk Fredonia at Fredonia January: Sunday 3rd 11:30 am VS. Jamestown in Olean Sunday 10th 11:30 am VS. Williamsville North in Olean Tuesday 12th 6:30 pm VS. City Honors at Riverside Sunday 17th 11:30 am VS. Maryvale in Olean Wednesday 20th 7:30 pm VS. Grand Island at Hyde Park Saturday 23rd 5:00 pm VS. Dunkirk Fredonia at Fredonia Sunday 31st 11:30 am VS. Lancaster in Olean February: Sunday 7th 11:30 am VS. Dunkirk Fredonia in Olean Wednesday 10th 7:30 pm VS. St. Joes B at Hyde Park Saturday 13th 9:00 pm VS. St. Joes A at Pepsi Center Total of league games 18 Non league games to be scheduled dates times and teams TBA
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