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3. - Posted January 4, 2014 10:15PM
Hockey parent

Would like to comment on the behavior and play of the South Park/riverside high school hockey team. I attended the first two games between these teams and was disgusted at the behavior of both teams. Particularly the behavior of the parents of the South Park team, and the coaches of that team. The multiple coaches who play only two or three players for most of the game. 87 plays 90% of the game while 3 or 4 kids play 2/3 shifts a period. The first game some of those kids played less. Now not completely saying the sw/mg team is innocent, but it seems that most of the Sp/R players are not well coached in sportsmanship, due to the amount of "conversation" they are allowed to have with the referees during the game! Why is this tolerated??? Please hire two very strong referees for the 3rd game. If I was a percent (especially of the 2/3 that play very little on an already small team, I would ask for a refund, and request a copy of the coaches philosophy. May I suggest an article by Bucky Gleason on jr hockey be researched and read by the organization.

2. - Posted January 10, 2011 1:58AM
Funny Jokes

Shuru kisne kiya tha?
Ek baar ek Intelligent Software Engineer ek MNC mein interview dene jata hai. Interview mein manager poochta hai so... Mr. Software Engineer, what do u expect for the salary?
Software Engineer: "Jyada nahi Saab, bus mahine ka 80 hazaar rupaye, Ek chota sa bunglow, Ek gadi, ar kuch naukar-chakar"
Manager: "Ok Mr Software Engineer, Hum aapko mahiney ka ek Lakh pachas hazzar rupayei, Ek bada sa bunglow in Nariman Point, Ek BMW gadi with a Driver, aap ke baccho ko school ka admission, aur 10 Naukar apki wife ke liye"
Software Engineer is very excited, "Kyo saab majaak kartey ho!"
Manager: "Shuru kisne kiya tha?"

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1. - Posted February 22, 2009 7:07AM
Rich Berlinski
Lysander Youth Hockey

Good day all, We have a JV/Club team in an area with no JV/Club teams and are looking to arrange games with league and non league teams associated with your organization. For those teams finishing and still wanting a game or two please contact me at rberlinski@aol.com. Our longer interest is to be involved in your upcoming scheduling meetings for next year.