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WNLL Minor League Playoffs

WNLL is holding their Minor League Playoffs beginning on May 23rd at Centennial Park.  Please come out and cheer on all our teams.  Click HERE for the complete schedule.


DICK'S Sporting Goods Coupons

 WNLL members have received exclusive coupons for great discounts at DICK'S. The coupons are valid now thru Nov 30, 2016!  To receive your coupons, simply click HERE.


Wednesday, March 23
WNLL 2016 8U and 9U Tournaments

West Norriton Little League will be hosting our annual 8U (June 16th thru 21st) and 9U tournaments (June 23rd thru 28th) again this season.  This is a great opportunity for kids to play baseball in a fun and competitive environment.  Below you will find our tournament rules and registration forms. 

 Please be sure to pay close attention to the NEW age cut off date of 9/1.  For additional information regarding Little League's age determination date change, please click HERE.

Please contact the WNLL Tournament Director, Keith Ledger at KLedger@Medic308.org with any questions.


WNLL 8U and 9U Tournament Rules


WNLL 8U Tournament Registration Form


WNLL  9U Tournament Registration Form

Thursday, April 7
WNLL Field Improvements

We are sure that many people have driven past the WNLL complex at the corner of Marshall St and Burnside Ave over the past few weeks and saw that there were some improvements being made to our Major League field. Spearheaded by the WNLL Gounds and Field Team, WNLL has added 2 new bleachers to our Major League field. This project could not have been completed without the countless hours of numerous WNLL volunteers. Thanks everyone for your contribution to this project and I am sure our many fans will be appreciative as the season moves forward! In addition, WNLL received donations of either time, materials or money from key league supporters including:

  • Shannondell
  • Norris Sales
  • Cosimo Riccioli & Sons
  • Lenhart Contractors
  • Transfleet

Without these league supporters this project would have never been able to be completed in such a quick and professional manner! Thanks for your continued support of the children of WNLL!

Sunday, April 10
WNLL 2016 Regular Season Game and Practice Schedule

In 2016, WNLL has begun using a new league management software called League One.  This software brings an unprecdented level ot transparency to our league's field schedule!  Our players, parents and coaches can now view our regular season schedule on-line by day, week or month!  You can also view the schedule by division or by team!

On of the most exciting new features is the ability to download the schedule directly to your i-phone or outlook calendar!  To view the WNLL regular season game and practice schedules on-line and DOWNLOAD directly to your i-phone or outlook calendar click HERE!  Please note that the current schedule is for regular season games and does not contain POST-SEASON games for either the Minor or Major leagues. 

Below are instructions for how to download the schedule:

  1. Go to the WNLL 2016 Spring Schedule
  2. In the upper left hand corner in the field called "View Schedule", please select "2016 Spring Schedule".
  3. In the field called "Team", select your child's team name.  Be sure that the field called Schedule Group has All selected. 
  4. Wait for the schedule to re-load in the web page and then click on the button called "Export Games in iCal".
  5. Follow the instuctions provided by the web site once you have clicked on the Export Games in iCal button.

A couple of important items to note:

  1. If you have a child on multiple WNLL teams, you will only be able to download one team's schedule at a time.
  2. Please confirm with your coach that the schedule on the web site is accurate.  Any changes to this schedule during the season will be communicated to the parents by their child's coach and will need to be manually updated in each parent's calendar.
  3. Changes made to the schedule after the schedule has been downloaded, will NOT be automatically uploaded in each parent's calendar.  These changes will need to be manually updated in your calendar.

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