Whitemarsh Little League is a non-profit organization of volunteers dedicated to promote, develop and supervise those who want to play Little League Baseball. The League, which plays its games at Miles Park and Cedar Grove Park in Whitemarsh Township, is the chartered local unit of “Little League Baseball, Inc” of Williamsport, Pennsylvania.  Whitemarsh Little League is governed by a Constitution and its By-Laws provide for the operational format of the League. The Board of Directors and Officers provides administration for the league. The league President, in consultation with the Divisional Commissioners, selects all coaches and managers from properly screened volunteer parents. 

Volunteers are usually the parents of current players but a few are the parents of children who had participated in the past. These volunteers give freely of their time to provide a healthy, wholesome and family oriented activity for the children of their community. We salute them in particular. 

We start our Inter-League regular season in mid-April and playoffs and Championship games are in early June.  

We offer a post-season tournament schedule for the top players for every year, from league age 8 year olds through 12 year olds, plus Juniors (13 & 14 year olds).  Each age group generally plays in 3 or 4 tournaments through mid July. 

For those “baseball heads” that still have not gotten enough in the spring, we offer a Fall-Ball instructional program designed to be less competitive, where players may experience every position. Two years are commingled and we play local communities and other Whitemarsh teams. 

The League operates with the cooperation and support of Whitemarsh Township and local / national sponsors.  Our viability is dependant on those funds, the player entry fees and the enthusiastic participation of all our volunteer parents.


Volunteers are moms and dads that give just a little extra.  We need help. Some of that help is listed below (in no particular order) 

Managers, Coaches & Assistant Coaches are those who have the knowledge to teach, the time to invest, the personality to gain respect and cooperation, and the resiliency to cope with the vocal few non-volunteers. They do this for the satisfaction of seeing our kids grow and for the occasional win. 

Field Maintenance is needed for many tasks including field maintenance, public address announcers, and scorekeepers.  We also have a never-ending need for positive and constructive input. 

Umpires help guide our children and provide an atmosphere of sportsmanship to promote players’ growth. Take the time and volunteer to umpire a game or two.  It’s also the best seat in the house!

Tournament help needed in June and July:

Game Directors - Scorekeepers

Public Address Announcers - Field Maintenance

Be a team parent!  The coaches need help to contact the team members about rain cancellations, special practices and other special events. They need help with batting practice, field preparation, etc. They also need help with picture day, uniform distribution, and fund raising. All these will allow the coach to spend more time with the players, teaching baseball.  Tell the coach you will be the team parent for one or more of these tasks. Before each game, we need plenty of help preparing the field for play, raking, setting bases, laying down baselines and mopping up puddles during wet weather. After each game, we need to put the equipment away and secure the fields.  Take a little time to help the coach. While your there, somebody may want to have a catch………Don’t be afraid to ask! Call  610-941-0170 

Finally, Whitemarsh Little League has monthly meetings every third Tuesday at 8:00 PM.  Please try to attend one of these meetings to familiarize yourself with the league and those who volunteer.  We are certain that after one meeting you will feel “at home” and motivated to help us promote the great game of baseball for "the kids.”

Little League ® Child Protection Program

Criminal Background Checks

 The local league is required to have all board members, managers, coaches and other volunteers or hired workers who provide regular service to the league or/and who have repetitive access to or contact with players or teams fill out the new volunteer applications.  Additionally, the league will be required to conduct a background check on each of these individuals.  Little League Baseball will require each league to sign an agreement on the charter application that they will comply with Regulates I(b) and I(c) 8 & 9.  The leagues will also be required to sign a statement on the tournament enrollment form verifying that the process under the regulations has been completed and implemented.   Failure to sign the agreement on the charter application will result in the league’s status being referred to the Charter/Tournament committee for action to revoke the league’s charter and all privileges. 

Ø  In response to the requirement, Whitemarsh Little League has adopted a procedure for evaluation of the volunteer application and mandatory background checks.