Warwick Football Parents Association: Frequently Asked Questions

Wednesday, July 6
Coach Resch's FAQ

My name is Coach Resch, and I have been on the middle school coaching staff for 8 years.  I have 4 children (ages 15-25) and live in the Warwick School District.  All 3 of my sons have come thru the Warwick Middle School football program.  I've put this together to hopefully answer most questions you have about our program.  I've included my contact information, as well as a list of common questions to help you understand the middle school program a little better.  Please don't hesitate to contact me with any additional questions you may have.  I would prefer you email me but if you need to speak to me you can certainly call.  Thanks a lot and I look forward to working with your son.


Coach Resch


717-627-4481 (home) 717 626-3301 (work)


Frequently Asked Questions:


1) Who can play middle school football?

      Any boy  that attends Warwick School District and is in grades 7-9


2) When are signups?

      We have no official signup-  All appropriate paperwork must be handed in to the athletic directors office before your son can participate in our first official practice-  please see the calendar for exact date but the first practice is usually the 3rd full week of practice.


3) Where do I get paperwork?

      All that is needed is in the athletic directors office at the high school.


4) Do you have cuts?

      We have never had cuts to my knowledge.  As long as we have enough equipment to dress all our players, and they want to play, they will have a spot on our team.


5) Is my son big enough to play junior high football?

      There is often times a huge physical difference between 7th and 9th graders so that is a decision you would need to make.  If your son is a physically immature 7th or 8th grader he may be better suited to play in the midget program.  Our coaches are very careful to not match up small and big in practice to minimize the risks involved.  I encourage them to come out to our workouts during the summer and that will often allow them to see where they fit in physically.


6) If my son isn't very gifted athletically will he just not play in games?

      We have two game schedules, In 2011 we have 6 varsity and 6 junior varsity games.  Your son will play in games and one or possibly both of these levels


7) When do you start?

      We are started now!  Please take advantage of the listed opportunities we have posted on the calendar.  We need players and we'd like to see them get started right away.  


8) Are the coaches in the weight room?  

      There is always someone monitoring the room.  Many times one or more junior high coaches will be there, but not always.  If your son is coming for the first time I would suggest they come first on a Monday night to the 7 v 7.  If you'd like to get them in the weight room right away please contact me and I can let you know if a junior high coach is going to be in the room.  I would rather they not start lifting the first time without one of the junior high coaches there.


9) Where is the weight room?

      If you face the high school from Orange street the door to enter the weight room is immediately to the left of the large gym.


10) Can my son miss practice for vacation?

       Anytime before we start official practice is fine.  After we start in official practice, I would prefer he not miss for vacation.