Warwick Football Parents Association: Volunteer Support

Saturday, March 3
2011 WFPA Committees and Volunteer Opportunities

The Warwick Football Parents Association needs parent volunteers to help with the various activities and responsibilities that are organized throughout the year. The needs are great and often times the workers are few. Please take a minute to review the list below to determine what areas need filled and where you can get involved. Each committee has several responsibilites that are in need of a coordinator or assistant. Some activities just need additional volunteers. If you have questions or would like to volunteer please contact the committee leader. Thank you!

2011 Committees and Volunteer Opportunities

Public Relations   
1)Football Program Development
    a. Coordinator: Lucy Quinn
    b. Assistant:  Chris Springer and Christa Cipalla, Alida Burkholder
2)Yard Helmets – Varsity & Junior Varsity Players
    a.  Coordinator: Dan Johnson
    b. Assistant:
3)Press Coverage – Junior Varsity Games
    a.  Coordinator:
    b. Assistant:
4)Press Coverage - Junior High Games
    a.  Coordinator:
    b.  Assistant:
5)Golf Tournament Parent Helpers
    a. Assistant:Lucy Quinn
    b. Assistant:
6)Web Site Manager
    a. Coordinator: Lucy Quinn

Warwick Football Development Committee
1)Home Game Concessions (4 to 6 Volunteers per Home Game)
    a.   Coordinator: Dori Resch
    b.  Assistant:
2)Car Wash (24 Volunteers)
    a.  Coordinator: Mike Farnan
    b.  Assistant:
3)Program Sales
    a.  Coordinator: Dori Resch
    b.  Assistant:
4)Craft Show Parking (10 to 12 Volunteers)
    a.  Coordinator: Jim Devenney                   

5)Warrior Wares – Apparel Sales
    a. Coordinator:Pam Snyder and Michelle Brosemer 

6)Night at the Races

    a.Coordinator: Mike Maguire

    b. Asstistant: John Howland  & Pat Devlin   

8)Reserved Seating Sales
    a. Coordinator: Michelle Brosemer
    b. Assistant: Alida Burholder
9) Gold Card Fundraiser 

    a.Coordinator: Ruth Devenney and Jill Maguire
Warrior Encouragement Committee
1 )Varsity “High Light” Book
    a.   Coordinator: Tim Quinn
    b.  Assistant:
2) Varsity “High Light” Video
    a.   Coordinator: Lucy Quinn
    b.  Assistant:
3)Varsity Decorations (2 Volunteers)
    a.  Coordinator: Pam Snyder
4)Junior High Decorations (2 Volunteers)
    a.   Coordinator: Michelle Brosemer
    b.  Assistant:      
5)Junior High Recognition Night
    a.  Coordinator: Michelle Brosemer
    b.  Assistant:
6)JV & Jr. Hi Home Game Announcers
    a.  Coordinator: 

b. Assistant:
7)Chain Gang – All JV, Jr. Hi & Jr. Hi JV Home Games (3 Volunteers per Game)
    a.  Coordinator: John Howland
    b. Assistant: 
           Senior High Junior Varsity = 4 games
           Junior High Varsity = 5 games
           Junior High Junior Varsity = 3 games

“Feed the Warriors”
1)Football Banquet – Varsity and Junior Varsity
    a.   Coordinator: Lucy Quinn
    b.   Assistant: Senior High Parents
2)Junior High Party – Junior High
    a.  Coordinator: Michelle Brosemer 

 3)Team Meals – Varsity Games                                                                                       
    a. Coordinator: Karen Johnson        
4)Warwick Varsity Football Camp Lunches
    a.        Coordinator: Karen Johnson
    b.        Assistant:
5)Junior High Practice Treats
    a.        Coordinator: Kris Wagner
    b.        Assistant: 
6)Meet the Warriors Night
    a. Coordinator: Ruth Devenney
    b. Assistant: 

7) Thursday Night Senior Hosting: Leslie Howland